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Fun and Friendly Ways To See Europe

Ways To See Europe
Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

Fun and Friendly Ways To See Europe

Have you harbored long-held desires to see Rome, Athens, or Vienna? Does the thought of visiting the Louvre or attending a play in the West End excite you? If so, then dust off that passport application and start making plans. Ways to see Europe has never been more accessible or more affordable.  

Ways To See Europe
Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

Take the Plunge

Often the hardest part of traveling is the first step, deciding how, when, and where to go. The first consideration should always be the budget. How much can you afford to spend on the trip? While a six-week leisurely ramble through the Alps may sound nice, a week in Prague may be more affordable. Don’t despair if you feel you can’t afford the trip you want. There are many fabulous ways to travel, and one will be right for you. Here are five great ways to visit Europe.

Europe by Train

Good news for railway aficionados, Europe has a beautiful railway system that travels through stunning countryside. Take a week or a month; there are oodles of different itineraries possible. For example, take a rail tour through northern Europe, stopping in Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, Chur, and Milan. Each city is a short rail trip from the next, allowing you plenty of time to stop and see the sights in the five different countries you’ll cover.

Europe by rail
Photo by Marcus Castro on Unsplash

Europe by Boat

European cruises are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. The ships are luxurious, the service impeccable, and the destinations glorious. Some of your cruising options include sailing around the coast of Italy or the many islands of Greece. For those of you who prefer calmer waters, there are riverboat cruises, as well. Take a week or two and sail down the Rhine and enjoy the fantastic castle-covered hilltops. There are also cruises down the Danube and the Volga Rivers for more exotic ports of call.

Europe by Car

If you feel brave enough to drive a car in foreign countries where road rules may be different, renting a car is a fun way to see a new place. It keeps you close to the ground and in command of your destination. It can also be surprisingly affordable. Another appealing factor is that the options for road trips are endless. Drive a ring around Iceland, tour the Scottish coast, or take on the famous High Alpine Road in Germany. All will provide you with amazing views and vistas you won’t see any other way. 

Europe by Foot

Ah, don’t let the title of this section scare you. Walking through Europe is a true delight and not a difficult as it sounds. You can pack a backpack and head off on your own, or you can let one of the many European walking tour companies help you. These companies will set up your route, reserve lodging each night, and port your luggage from location to location. All you need to do is carry water, snacks, and do the walking. Many walking tours allow you to choose the distance you’d like to walk each day. The true joy of a walking tour is that you get immersed in the country’s culture in a whole new way.

Europe by Bike

Europe by Bike
Photo by Matthew Daniels on Unsplash

Biking through Europe can be done as a part of a guided bike tour or on your own. Take a week and bike across France with touring bikes under 1000 or make a city like Paris, your home base for bike tours that travel through the surrounding environs. Do your research well to understand the biking conditions of the area. Some cities, such as Rome and Athens, are not very biker friendly. Others, like Amsterdam and Salzburg, welcome and encourage biking.

Now that you have some ideas about possible trips to take, make your plans in earnest. Choose a country or region to visit and the dates you’d like to go to. Europe is calling to you take heed of our ways to see Europe and start out on your trip!

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