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The Traveller’s Guide to Romance

Traveller’s Guide to Romance

For most couples, their ideal romantic break would involve travel to what they consider their most romantic destination: Their idea of perfect would be to just get away and travel. For some people, this means taking a cruise in the Caribbean seas, for others, it’s going fishing in a part of the country they’ve never laid eyes on before but always wanted to see. People’s ideas of an ideal travel destination might be different, but we can all agree on this: Travel is romantic, and couple travel could be the break that you and your partner have long since been looking for. Don’t you think it’s about time to take a break and go for the romantic getaway you’ve always wanted? Remember to switch the oven off before you go! Here’s how…

Planning a surprise

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Of course, we know that you might want your special romantic trip to be a surprise – and for these kinds of things, it’s generally a better idea if they remain a surprise until the very last second. So, when you’re researching the most romantic travel destinations for you and your partner or deciding to book your tickets for your dream holiday, you might want to switch your browser to incognito mode – or just remember to remove the items from your browsing history.  Of course, no giving away the surprise either: So you can’t outright tell your partner that you look forward to the upcoming vacation, or remind them that they should buy winter clothes when it’s still summer. Be careful that you don’t give away the surprise in the process! It’s critical that you also pay attention to what your partner has mentioned as their ideal (or least ideal) getaway places so far!

Ready your travel documents

When you’re planning any kind of getaway, especially if you’ll be crossing borders when you’re doing it, you’ll also want to extend your planning to include your travel documents. This includes making sure you have an active visa and passport for where you intend to go; also make copies of your identification documents and driver’s license, and make sure you know on which side of the road the locals are driving before you get behind the wheel yourself. Other travel documents which could come in handy are leaflets and language booklets – they usually tell you where to go and who to contact when you find yourself in a foreign country. And, of course, remember to ask the locals: They always know where you can find the best spots to eat a warm meal – or to go for a great party. Keep your travel documents safe and secure at all times.

Special offers for two people

Many hotels will give you discount if you book for two during peak seasons, too – it’s all about promotion, and if you keep your eye on things, you can get to take advantage of it.

From Point A to B

Of course, it’s obvious that the entire trip itself should be treated as romantic – and as a chance to do cool, unexpected and romantic things. Sounds like fun, right? Here, we’d advise partners to make use of a healthy dose of creativity to come up with what their partners will love – and we’d also like to remind people that travel doesn’t just include getting on a plane, and you can have a lot of fun with this. There are many ways to get from point A to point B, including getting on a ferry, hiring a limousine, finding out how you can book a carriage ride or taking a cable car up to the highest top of the mountain. Romance is about being creative, and there’s no reason you can’t be a little bit more creative about how you get from one point to another.

Travel reminders

Ideally, you should have someone oversee your house while you’re on vacation just to make sure your stress-levels are at an absolute minimum. After all, it’s supposed to be all about fun, isn’t it?

Romantic dinner ideas

The quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach: Most cultures of the world have some or other variation on this saying, and that is simply because it happens to be true! Yes, food does way more than just provide nourishment for the body – food is also associated with emotions like love and comfort, and that means that romantic dinners will fit perfectly into your plan when you want to arrange a romantic travel getaway for your partner. The potential for romance when it comes to food is vast – and it’s only limited by your imagination and your budget (and, of course, what your partner will and won’t eat!). Be creative and use what you know your partner likes: Take them to a new restaurant for their favourite meal, cook them something they didn’t know you could… As we said, be creative!

Romantic things

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Romance shouldn’t stop there! Romantic things aren’t just limited to travelling to a romantic destination and feeding your partner their favourite foods – you can also expand romance to other things, like making sure that the mood is right with the right romantic music, getting your partner some gold or diamonds (which will forever remain classics!), buying them some lingerie or clothes to go along with a fancy dinner that you’ve arranged. There are plenty of super romantic things you can do for your partner if you use a little bit of creativity in your approach. It really doesn’t take that much effort to make things happen – often just a little bit of extra thought. You can also go for a more customized approach – these days you can even get chocolates made with their name on it with just a few clicks. See? There’s no excuse not to be romantic.

Travelling safely

Especially when travelling along with your partner, travel safety should be one of your top priorities. Ensure that you know the location of the local crime hot-spots – this is usually something you can figure out by reading the news, asking the locals or obeying signs in the area; stay away from these if you can help it, especially at night. Never travel alone in a strange place, especially if your partner doesn’t know where you will be going – never choose a surprise over obeying basic safety rules! You want to make sure that things like your travel documents are always kept in a safe place, and the same goes for your other personal effects (such as your camera), your cash and your cards. Always ensure that you know where to find your country’s embassy when you find yourself in a foreign country just in case, and it helps to know at least a few phrases of the local lingo to get around. 

The most romantic travel destinations

What’s your most romantic travel destination? It’s different for every couple since everyone has a different idea of what their perfect romantic getaway would be – but there are a couple of places that can be considered romantic and pretty much always will be. Rome has long been associated with romance and love; the same is true for much of surrounding Italy. To others, a safari in Africa might be considered their idea of an ideal romantic getaway – while others might find the idea of camping for a week a horrific one and would rather spend some time with their partner holed up in a cabin with simple movies, pizza and hot chocolate: The most romantic travel destinations are sometimes subjective, and you’ve got to know your partner over trusting popular opinion! Ask your partner where they would like to go if you aren’t sure rather than planning a surprise which they might not be as into as you had hoped!

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