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Travel in New Zealand by Car/Minivan

Travel in New Zealand by Car/Minivan
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New Zealand is a road trip paradise. Walking around the country is a real pleasure. New Zealand has breathtaking landscapes, some of the most beautiful in the world! Its reputation is well established. This country that claims to be “green” has, until today, preserved its nature in an unprecedented way. You want to go to New Zealand, but you have many questions about your mode of transport. Know that it is essential to rent your car, van, or motorhome to travel in New Zealand.

The Advantages of Traveling by Van or Motorhome

A road trip in a van or motorhome offers many advantages—first, freedom. In fact, by opting for this mode of travel, you will be completely free to choose your route. There is no need to book accommodation. The country has many parking areas to sleep in or enjoy the many slot machines available. Playing Spin Casino online can be a great way to unwind for a restful evening or night. There are also many campsites. No need to book these places, so you can, if you wish, stay longer than planned in a place that you like but also postpone a stage that requires special weather conditions in the event of bad weather.

What Type of Van to Choose?

There are different types of vans, self-contained and non-self-contained vans. The difference between these two types of vehicles is that one has a toilet and a water supply allowing access to numerous free parking areas to spend the night. Non-self-contained vans, on the other hand, only have access to a limited number of free areas. If you opt for a motorhome, you won’t have this type of problem. Motorhomes are all self-contained vehicles.

Road Trip by Car

The second mode of travel in New Zealand: car rental. It is also a very popular mode of travel. Hiring a New Zealand road trip does not necessarily mean “inflexibility.” In fact, it is quite possible to travel by car and then to stay on a campsite, either by renting cabins or by renting a site for the night with its tent. The latter mode of travel is also one of the most economical. Suppose you choose to stay in a hotel/motel/hostel. In that case, you will need to make sure you book in advance, especially in very touristy places such as Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Tekapo, which offer relatively few accommodation options. This will make you lose flexibility but gain in comfort.

Thus, it is possible to travel at a lower cost by opting for a self-contained van and spending the night in free areas. You can also opt for a car while spending your nights in campsites and sleeping in a tent. In terms of comfort, here too, a top-of-the-range motorhome can offer you excellent comfort, just like a top-of-the-range hotel or lodge.

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