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Travel What If’s: How To Overcome Your Holiday Fears

Travel can be exciting, relaxing, fascinating and inspiring. We have the world at our feet just begging to be explored. And yet so many of us limit ourselves because of fear and anxiety. What if this and what if that, and what if this and that combine and something even worse happens! Do you get where we’re coming from? You can add your own worries to a What If list, but we have made our own here; those fears that we think are common to most of us. Let us know if you identify with any of them.

What if I run out of money?

To be honest, this is a common fear, but it should be a needless one. With common sense, you should be able to budget your holiday, choosing a destination that is affordable, and selecting accommodation to match. Provided you don’t blow all your traveller cheques or credit cards on a spending spree you should be okay. Still, if this is a worry for you, we recommend this handy budget calculator to help you work out what you can reasonably afford.

What if I can’t fit everything in my luggage?

Provided you have the essentials, don’t worry too much about your luggage. Your passport and travel documents are a must of course, and they should be kept in your hand luggage. Larger items, such as your skis for a winter holiday, can be sent on ahead of time. On that note, find out how to ship skis here. You will need a few extra items, including medication, and changes of clothes. But if you are struggling to close your suitcase after packing your stuff? Remove anything that is non-essential, such as those extra outfits to impress the ladies and your games console which should probably stay at home!

What if I freak out on the plane?

The fear of flying, or aviophobia (if you want to impress your friends with fancy words) is common to many people. Although, it’s not the flying part that scares people; it’s the thought of crashing that sends most people into a tizz. It can be enough to make you cancel the holiday altogether. Still, there are ways to conquer your fear. Some airlines run courses for those who are afraid, and they will provide you with some confidence tips. Taking something to distract you on the plane will also help, such as a book or a movie on your iPad (don’t choose Sully). Alternatively, you could travel another way, such as taking a cruise, unless you have a fear of the water as well!

What if I can’t speak the language?

The language barrier is something that worries many people, and it can be confusing when you are abroad. However, you can still do yourself a favour and learn a few questions or phrases, such as “Where is the toilet?” or “I can’t find my hotel room” to help you on the way. Alternatively, you could take an online course and study the language of the country you are visiting. It will add a string to your bow, and you will impress your friends and family with your fluency. Still, in most cases, you don’t need to worry at all. Most countries have English as a second language, so while we should do the polite thing and learn the lingo, they have already done their homework as they await our arrival.

Final thought

Do you recognise those worries in yourself? If so, we hope we have put your minds at rest a little. Let us know about any What If worries you have faced, and tell us how you have overcome them. Thanks for reading.