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The days when a trader had to stay close to its desktop, trying not to miss anything are long gone. Technology connected us with the information and allowed us to be updated 24 hours a day. The same happens with the trading platforms. As long as you were clever enough to choose a good one from the very beginning, it most likely has a mobile version that can satisfy your requirements during the periods when you have to travel or you are almost on vacation. Alternatively, some/most of the brokers offer a mobile version of their platforms, so all you need is an internet connection, and you are, again, set, you have access to all the information you would have available on your desktop.

Therefore, things may look easy, now. All you have to do is download your selected platform on your mobile, and get started or connect via internet on the broker’s site, and again, you are set. This is partially correct, and we will cover this shortly. But before this, there is one more piece of the trading while travelling puzzle: how do you get the information?

News apps

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On your desktop, you will have all sorts of terminals opened, or news sites, or news aggregators to offer you the exact information you need, exactly when you need it. But not on your mobile. Actually, the amount of data would be rather large. Don’t worry; there are some solutions for getting information while travelling. And we have the stocktwits – which works, as you may imagine, exactly like twitter, only exclusively for trading news from traders themselves. They post tweets about market evolution and latest developments, and some even put video tips. Basically, for all kinds of trading, you will find an application that can keep you up to date with major news. Some applications for mobile can also set-up price alerts, push notifications etc., all for the convenience of the trader. And this may come in handy if you travel to another time zone as well. It will keep you alert when the situation requires it.

Good mobile trading platforms

Then it comes to mobile trading platforms and how good they are in connection to your desktop version. Among the most popular, MetaTrader distinguishes itself by far. It offers more or less all the features the desktop version offers, only in a more condensed manner. Some brokers have their own mobile platforms, while others offer a web-based Forex trading solution, where you can access their platform anywhere in the world. Whatever you use, they offer you an immediate connection to your broker and access to valuable data. So, they are fundamental when you need to trade away from your desk.

Now, in terms of more, let’s say, practical issues, first and foremost, you need to have a strong internet connection, either 3G/4G on your phone, or quite a good wifi connection.

It all comes to technology and the fact that it facilitates your access to information and your access to the tools that let you act upon the information you get.

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