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Top Things to Do to Visit Bangkok Like a Local

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When you visit a new city, people will often say things like ‘go where the locals go’ to indicate that this is the best way to find where to shop, eat and visit.  This idea has led to a new way to tour a city created by a company called Withlocals.  So how does it work and how can you see the best of Bangkok using this new concept?

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How With locals works

With locals works as a peer to peer marketplace – this means locals can offer their services and skills to people visiting their city and the website can pair them with people looking for this particular experience.  Their offerings fall into two categories – things to do and food experiences.  This allows people who visit Bangkok to experience the best of the city from a local viewpoint, finding the very best places to eat and all those little hidden spots that only people living in a city will know about.

Visit Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also the most populous city, with over 8 million people calling it home.  The city is located on the Chao Phraya River delta in the center of the country.  It was first noted as a trading post back in the 15th century when the Ayutthaya Kingdom blossomed and has twice been a capital before modern times.  The city was at the center of the country’s struggles in the 19th century, when it was known as Siam, and grew rapidly in the 1960s-80s.

The modern city shows these periods of booming times as it is a little haphazard in its layout.  An extensive expressway network led to problems with the pollution that the city has combated with the development of five rapid transit lines and more to come.

Bangkok is one of the top tourist destinations around the world and there are many things to see and do in Bangkok.  The city is famous for its Buddhist temples and also Hindu shrines while the Vimanmek Mansion is the largest teak building in the world.  There are also the Bangkok National Museum and the Royal Barge National Museum while the canals offer a great way to see the city and to experience the floating markets.

Things to do

One example of a great city experience is the Bangkok Unique Markets Private Tour.  This day-long trip takes around eight hours and includes a private tour of both the Amphawa Floating Market and the Maeklong Train Market.  This is an amazing way to see how the locals shop, finding all those delights that you can miss if you don’t know where to look.  It is also a great way to learn about Thai culture, chat with locals and watch the millions of fireflies that appear.

Visiting somewhere different is about experiencing and understanding the culture of the people living there and the chance to share a morning with Thai monks.  This experience allows you to see the hidden alleyways and mazes of markets in the temple district of Bangkok and see the monk’s life.  You can visit their homes and help with the Collecting of the Alms morning ritual.

You can also visit the Ayutthaya UNESCO World Heritage Site and experience a tour that allows you to see the many ruins and artworks around the city.  The tour lasts for six hours and includes trying some local specialties as well as enjoying the best of the historic capital of Thailand.

Food experiences

The Local Food Tour by Night is a perfect chance to try local foods and to spend the evening with a knowledgeable host who can take you on a food tour.  The tour covers Yao Wa Rat Street in the Chinatown district and lasts around three hours, covering five different tastings.  There is also the chance to visit the small shops in the area and also to visit the temples to add a little culture between samplings.

A perfect example of what is great about this concept is the chance to dine with a local Thai family and experience the best of local cuisine.  Locals open their doors for tourists to share food, chat and learn about Thai culture.  There are seven different dishes to try and you can also learn about cooking them so you can replicate them at home for your friends and family.

Changing tourism

Withlocals is a perfect example of changing tourism that works for the local people and allows visitors to gain that local perspective.  After all, the best way to see a city is with a resident. This website allows you to pre-book quality experiences through the website and mobile app to make your visit to Bangkok or any other city a unique one.

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