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List Of The Best Places To Visit In Montenegro

Best Places To Visit In Montenegro

Montenegro may not be high on the list of many travel bucket list, but it happens to be growing as a popular summer destination for Europeans and people from around the world. Even though most would have been acquainted with the idea of Croatia as a summer holiday destination, Montenegro is just starting to get recognised – even if it is just a stone’s throw away from Croatia. After having become independent in 2006, Montenegro has been working hard to improve the tourist attractions in the country. There is something for everyone in Montenegro and visitors should allocate at least a week in order to visit the various sights and attractions.


Length of Montenegro visit

The ideal length of a Montenegro visit happens to be around a week. This may depend on various factors, but the country is large enough and has enough attractions to make a seven-day visit worthwhile. It is one of the latest countries in Europe and travelling across the length and breadth will take time.

Many decide to take the route of spending one day in Montenegro after having taken the road from Dubrovnik but it is best to experience the new country over an extended period of time. It is possible to determine the length of the visit based on the kind of holiday that you are seeking from Montenegro. It is possible to choose holidays like:

  • Sightseeing
  • Relaxing
  • Adventure
  • Family

Staying in Montenegro

There is no shortage of good options to stay in this country. It effectively comes down to the personal choice of the traveller. If they decide to go down the route of the high mountain, there are multiple options on this front.

Since most of the destinations in Montenegro are only a couple of minutes away by road, it is easy to come to the conclusion of trying to cram every option in a single day. However, this is not advisable since Montenegro has a lot more to offer and staying for a couple of days will certainly enhance the holiday.

Top destinations in Montenegro



Kotor is located in the Bay Area and it is an old Venetian city. For this reason, it is considered as a huge destination in Montenegro. There is an overwhelming presence of tourist in this part of Montenegro since most of the cruise ships tend to make it a resting spot in the summer. A large amount of visitors consequently leads to a variety of options when it comes to shops, restaurants, churches, and museums. Since tourists have been able to embrace the old world charm of the town, it has been able to retain its tourist attraction throughout several changes. Coffee is an integral part of Montenegro in life and locals still come out in the evening for the same. This gives a great opportunity to blend in with the locals and understand their way of life.



This happens to be the destination of the summer party paradise that takes place in Montenegro. Since the country has some of the best beaches in this part of Europe, Budva helps maximize the advantage by offering two choices – the quiet way or going with a party atmosphere and dance music. It was the end of the day, the party shifts to the old town before finally concluding at the club on here. Since Budva has plenty of top hotels and entertainment options, it ranks as a top tourist destination in Montenegro.

Road between Cetinje and Kotor

Road between Cetinje and Kotorhttps://pixabay.com/en/montenegro-balkan-cetinje-capital-823557/

There is an old road that connects Cetinje and Kotor. It could be a haven for motoring enthusiasts, who descend in great numbers in order to witness the Montenegrin car racing. Just for the purpose of hosting the race, this road is closed for a certain part of the year. It comprises of 25 tough turns to test the mettle of any driver. The seat belts are a must in order to enjoy the road to its full potential. At the end, an amazing view of the Boka Bay awaits the rider.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefanhttps://pixabay.com/en/montenegro-sveti-stefan-landscape-2367203/

This happens to be an important option for those who regard luxury as a key element in the holiday package. The destination is largely made up of the Aman Sveti Stefan resort, which is able to use the pink pebble Beach and several great restaurants to its advantage. Of course, the rooms certainly do not come cheap with the starting price of more than €800. However, if this figure is within your budget, this destination is certainly worth considering. If this figure is not within your budget, there are also a couple of cheaper options within Sveti Stefan even if they are unable to offer the extraordinary views provided by the Aman Sveti Stefan resort.

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadarhttps://pixabay.com/en/skadar-lake-montenegro-journey-469973/

This is not an open destination in Montenegro since it lies on the off beaten track. It is also quite difficult to access but any effort taken will be rewarded several-fold. Lake Skadar is an ideal place for those who prefer the quiet places with a fondness for outdoor activities. It is possible to come across multiple activities like kayaking, bike rental, birdwatching, hiking, wine tasting, and boat tours. Those who love nature will also be able to appreciate this destination, as it happens to be an important nature reserve in Europe.

Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Parkhttps://pixabay.com/en/architecture-old-travel-stone-sky-3263329/

This happens to be a must visit at Montenegro. Located 40 minutes away from Cetinje, this national park is a sight to behold and it comprises of Mt Lovcen, which stands tall at 1750 m. The national park also has Jezerski, which is the second highest peak. They provide ample trekking and climbing opportunities for adventure-seeking enthusiasts. Besides, there is also a Njegos Mausoleum on top of Jezerski to provide the picturesque locations in Montenegro. Tourists have to do quite a bit of work in order to climb to the top – 461 steps to be precise – but it is possible to be rewarded with an unobstructed view of the country. The views are simply breath-taking and the tomb, which is built with marble, is no slouch either.




A UNESCO town that has a population of just 500 people, Perast is a peaceful and slow-moving town that is situated just 10 km away from Kotor. The town is located close to two scenic islands, which are just a boat ride away. This region happens to be the prime Balkan paradise. There are plenty of areas to swim and enjoy the long dinners by the waterfront. Perast is ideal to visit any time of the year and the small population means that the town is free of congestion.

The Ostrog Monastery

The Ostrog Monastery


Located just three hours from Kotor, Ostrog Monastery is built into a cliff. The construction of the monastery is one of the incredible elements and the views are extraordinary. It is possible to take a tour from the nearby towns in order to reach this monastery if driving down the twisting roads is not on the mind. Most of the monastery tours from the nearby region charge around €30.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novihttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/78/Walkway_in_Herceg_Novi.JPG

Located at the entrance of Kotor Bay, Herceg Novi is located on the Croatian border. It receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year and this makes it a popular destination amongst tourists who are looking for a relaxed holiday. The place is ideal for lazing on the beach for a long time, taking seaside walks in the evening, and sampling the local cuisine by the waterfront.

Lustica Peninsula

Lustica Peninsula


A paradise situated on Montenegro’s coastline, it is unexplored, beautiful, and rugged. Even though it may not be suitable to spend a long time in this place, Montenegro has been rapidly into developing Lustica as a popular tourist destination. As of now, the key attractions at Lustica included olive groves, fishing cottages, and rural way of life. For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Lustica Peninsula offers the best option. It is possible to reach Lustica Peninsula by car as it is just 10 minutes away from Kotor.

Bar and Ulcinj

Bar and Ulcinj


This does not happen to feature in the radar of most tourists, but this makes it a unique destination indeed. Since it is not the regular run-of-the-mill tourist destination, it has a difficult ruggedness associated with such places. Tourists looking for a rugged travel destination that also manages to combine Sandy beaches need not look further than Bar and Ulcinj in Montenegro. A huge attraction at this location happens to be an olive tree, which is more than 2000 years old. A flamingo colony also makes for an attractive sight for nature lovers, who throng in good numbers each year.



Not too long ago, Tivat was primarily a town with plenty of apartment blocks. Yet, it is now transformed into a top destination in the country thanks to the beautiful architecture, huge yachts, palm trees, and an attractive climate. It is also extremely accessible thanks to the presence of an international airport just a few minutes away from the town. This facility has made it extremely attractive in the eyes of the jet set, who Tivat as a cheaper and quicker option compared to many of the jet set destinations in Europe. Since the town is also relatively small and free of crowds, parking is rather easy while tourists can also decide to explore the town on foot.

Final Thoughts

Montenegro is not the regular run-of-the-mill tourist destination that may feature in brochures, but it is fast becoming one of the attractive options due to fewer crowds, attractive prices, and the availability of several things-to-do.

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