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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Japan

Visit Japan
Photo by Nicki Eliza Schinow on Unsplash

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Japan

We can give you 100 reasons why this beautiful country is a top tourist destination, but we will try to compress that list and show you only the best stuff. When one thinks of Japan, images of hard-working business people or big city crowds pop into everyone’s mind, but Japan is much more than that. People in this country are friendly, hospitable, yet proud of their traditions and achievements. They enjoy a philosophy of peace, enlightenment, and living in harmony with nature, but they also love karaoke parties or drinking. Here are some of the best reasons why one should visit Japan once this epidemic is finally over, so travelers become free again.

Visit Japan
Photo by Nicki Eliza Schinow on Unsplash

1. Upcoming Olympic Games

We are sad that this corona pandemic disrupted our plans to enjoy world-class athletes compete during this summer. This means that we shall enjoy the new Olympic spectacle in Japan in a year or two, making a reservation on time and becoming a part of history. These games will be the technologically most advanced sports event in this century. We can’t wait to see that grand opening in Tokyo and soak up the friendly atmosphere of Japanese hospitality.

2. Unique Culture

If you want to escape your everyday life to visit a magical place filled with Buddhist temples, sushi bars, or manga comics, you got to visit Japan. Sometimes, it is good to change one’s perspective and meet different people who have unique customs or cultural values. Admire their sense of order and discipline, their punctuality, or samurai traditions. Explore Japans rich history while trying to understand what made them so different yet unique. 

3. Beautiful Architecture

Besides Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines that are simply breathtaking, one can enjoy a unique blend of tradition and modern architecture in every corner. Japanese people value practicality with smart usage of limited space because, after all, they are living on a big island. This gave birth to a unique architectural style in densely populated cities that are organized to perfection. Giant skyscrapers and wooden Minka houses live in harmony, side by side.

4. Amazing Landscapes

Maybe you will experience some spiritual enlightenment after visiting Mount Fuji or other world heritage sites in Japan. Do not miss the cheery blossom season at the beginning of the year, which symbolizes a new beginning and hope for a better future. This country’s unique geography shaped some amazing natural landscapes with stiff cliffs, volcanic mountains, and dense forests. Try soaking up every bit of that natural beauty while enjoying your Japanese road trip.

5. Spiritual Journey 

Spiritual Journey in Japan
Photo by Kristin Wilson on Unsplash

While walking through the Arashiyama bamboo forest, you will feel some spirits of the ancestors around you. Everything in Japan is filled with spiritual energy and adoration for nature with its wonders. Maybe this new perception will alter your consciousness and improve your well-being. Do not miss a chance to find a lovely landscape, just chill or meditate. Listen to what this beautiful country and the Universe is trying to tell you.

6. Have Some Fun

Enjoying Tokyo’s nightlife is equally enlightening as meditating on top of Mount Fuji, so better learn to sing karaoke and find a good sake bar. There is such diversity in this country’s nightlife because of the influx of western culture. Hundreds of bars or nightclubs have different, thus original themes to attract tourists or local fun-seekers. Choose which one you like and blend in with the locals as you will find them friendly, thus accepting to foreigners.

7. Gaming Thrills 

Japan is the gaming capital of Asia, and its passion for pachinko or online gambling is legendary. While you chill in your hotel, try visiting some good pachinko casinos and see why people are so obsessed with this game. We will help you find the best online casinos with our detailed expert review on Cherry Casino, so you do not have to waste time cherry-picking. You are in Japan, so do not worry about withdrawal or claiming your bonus cash because such things do not happen around here. 

8. Try Local Food

Once you are done with casino play, hit the streets and find an excellent restaurant to quench your hunger. This shouldn’t be so hard as there are hundreds of them just in Tokyo, as they offer predominantly traditional cuisine. Local cuisine consists mainly of miso soup, seasoned vegetables, fish, and rice. If it’s good for Japan’s people’s longevity, it should be good for you too. Do not be afraid to experiment, so try boiled octopus, sashimi, or soba noodles.

9. Visit Theme Parks

If you visited Disneyland and was impressed, then prepare yourself for Universal Studios Japan. This theme park can be described as a unique blend of Disneyworld, Hollywood, plus a rollercoaster ride. People in Japan are obsessed with America, Harry Potter, plus everything that Hollywood has to offer. After all those natural landscapes or Buddhist temples, this ride will be quite a surprise, but it is worth every penny. 

10. Meet The People While you Visit Japan

There is a significant prejudice that people of Japan are so different or withdrawn that it is hard for a foreigner to establish a bond with them. Nothing is further from the truth since young people of Japan are obsessed with arcades, comics, and western culture. Finding a friend in this country is easier than anywhere else, as they will be more than welcome to discuss their interests with you. 

Make a reservation and plan a holiday of a lifetime in this beautiful and mysterious country. Take some time to learn its history and explore unique customs before you embark on this epic journey. It is one of those trips that will change your life forever.