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Top 10 Reasons Why Budapest Is The Best Place For You

Puskás, Rubic cube and pepper from Szeged. Just some words, what Hungarians are proud of. What about the main city? Our colorful metropolis is a perfect place to live because of the amazing historic buildings, friendly people and cheap prices. Why Budapest? We have so many reasons, that we prepared a list and collected bullet points for you to make it clear.

Did you know that it is already 144 years old? In 1873 three cities were merged. Buda, Pest and Óbuda are now just Budapest with 24 districts and 1.7 million citizens. That is why you can find rich art, history, and amazing views from the top in every corner. This already calm city’s history is more fascinating as you can imagine. In the 14th century Buda was a royal seat of centralized power of the avenging kings. In contrast to the 18th century during Maria Theresia was just an insignificant provincial town. In the first decades of the following century, Pest became the center of the reform movement and revolution. Even though during the dual monarchy of Austria–Hungary it was not the capital city, but that time Pest was extensively rebuilt based on the model of Paris.

There are many reasons why Budapest is the best choice

Conspicuous are also in the twilight pleasure-boats along the Danube. The coast offers more and more stylish places to stay and drink a cocktail or eat wide range of typical Hungarian food for dinner, or at least having a nice time. The view of the city reflecting on the water at night is magnificent.

Gastronomy is a prominent element of Hungarian culture. If you would like to taste something typical and you prefer soup, then try goulash or fish soup. For meat lovers, stuffed cabbage should be a great choice and for vegetarians more likely is lángos. You need to know that using pork and fat is basically characteristic for Hungarian cooking practices. That is the reason that mostly all the time all food includes some kind of meat.

The weather in Hungary might be uncertain, but plenty of entertainment options, vibrant ruin pubs, and nightlife make this city a jewel of Europe. Public transportation is inexpensive and is quite easy to navigate. The infrastructure is so well build, that you can get to every part of Budapest within half an hour. There is underground, train, tram and many kinds of car sharing services which will not let you down in any situations. Budapest is home to a few UNESCO heritage sites so there are many things to see. If you would like to take a walk, choose the Castle District, which offers incredible views and super amazing hundred years old histrical buildings. You can find here attractions like Matthias Church and towers of Fisherman’s Bastion. These are that old, as the coronation of Austrian king Franz Joseph I and his wife Elizabeth, because the ceremony was held here.

If you are looking for the best place for shopping in Budapest, than Váci street is the best choice. It is in the center surrounded by restaurants and every kind of luxury brands and usual ones, what you are used to. Other major shopping centers are shopping malls, like Westend at Nyugati square or Aréna at Keleti station with cheap prices.

Bath complexes are the other breathtaking spectacles, what Hungarians are proud of. Just to mention Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool, which has 21 pools and the ticket offers other special services, like a sauna, gymnastics or Aquafitness, as well. It is kind of must on to-do list in Budapest. Did you know that thermal water has more beneficial effects on the human body?

We are sure, that you already heard about Sziget and other huge, vibrant Hungarian festivals, like VOLT or Balaton Sound. The first one is actually happening in the middle of the summer on an island in the heart of Budapest. Year to year worldwide famous music bands are invited to take apart and make an unforgettable show for the festival’s international audience. Are you familiar with names of Pink, Rihanna or John Newman?

Well-known Hungarian wines can not be left out from this list. Monarch Árpád in the 9th century rewarded his followers with vineyards in Tokaj. Since than new varieties of grapes were tested and mixed, that is how the typical wines were created over the centuries. There are 4 of Hungary’s most intriguing wine regions: Tokaj, Villány, Eger and Nagy Somló, which is highly recommended to try. These regions are organizing wine tasting tours really frequently, be sure that you do not miss.

If you have already fallen in love with the city and culture, and you prefer to stay longer, or at least spend half a year in Budapest, check the universities. Why? Lifelong learning is something what you should build into your life as a top new behavior. Hungarian metropolis offers a wild scale of learning  opportunities. Hungary has worldwide famous medical faculty, and also become well-known because of the growing startup scene, what proofs, that business faculties offer useful knowledge. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Halácsy Péter (CEO of PREZI)?

If you choose to move to Hungary for a long-term basis, at the beginning you will need to spend couple of hours with paperwork, getting new phone, opening bank account, finding a new job and apartment, but don’t worry. It worth it. If you need help, just ask people around you. Citizens are friendly and open-minded, ready to help.

To sum up, Budapest offers top comfort of Western for Eastern prices, which means unforgettable experiences, crazy memories and new friendships. Actually a lot of them. Many people have yet to commit to Budapest due to old fears. It’s part of Eastern Europe, so people tend to have misconceptions of what to expect. Believe us, you will adore this place after the first visit. Be on the gap, if you ever visited it, it never leaves your heart. Are you ready?

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