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The Social Travel Summit is My New Years Eve

Photo provided by Andrew of aspiringgentleman.com

Work conferences have a way of putting life into perspective. Just like New Years Eve, a work conference allows you to change what you will do going forward. I am currently writing from my hotel suite pictured below before the next cocktail party at Clouds Hamburg on the 23rd story overlooking Hamburg, my favorite city in Germany. I’ll once again be surrounded by people who share my desire for travel, business, and fun.

I use this opportunity at a work conference to create new work resolutions, adjust my lifestyle ideas, and turn the gears by observing others’ success. I have a better understanding of what’s possible–because that’s the point of a conference.  The new life or work-cycle (for me they are the same) start now after the first few conference sessions.

Photo provided by Andrew of aspiringgentleman.com

Just off the top of my head I have met, reconnected, or admiredother exciting travel bloggers like Stop Having A Boring Life building a house on a tropical island, Budget Traveller covering Europe’s top festivals (how fun), CC Food Travel destroying the world’s most exciting cuisines, Kick the Grind filming some life-changing video, or Time Travel Turtle meeting the world’s oldest backpacker. Over the next couple of days I am surrounded by people like this and dozens more iambassador creators.

What I do is undeniably hedonistic.

It’s a lifestyle that comes from choosing the entrepreneurial path. This path chose me back in high school and since then I have naturally moved around like a jigsaw puzzle trying out many hats. In the past year alone I have sold a business of eight years setting myself up to focus more on other “jobs”; reporting on the shortage of breast implants in Venezuela as a journalist, live radio and TV interviews for major media outlets (see below), acquiring and redeveloping multiple businesses (see Aspiring Gentleman), appearing as Aladdin in a silly Dominican Republic feature film, employing and managing a team of full-time staff, and plenty more.

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Photo provided by Andrew of aspiringgentleman.com

But all of the above continues to happen as I live and move around the world to places I want to go. After plenty of years doing just this I am enjoying it all more than ever, especially at this moment as the work conference puts it all in the right perspective because. I can clearly see I am far from the only one doing this.

As for myself, I just spent the past three months living in Bogota and will follow that up with a few months wandering around Europe (who knows where). I keep busy living and the lifestyle flowing with plenty of business run behind the scenes.

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It is only mid-conference but the next step is clear. I need to share my stories. I’m currently working on one fascinating piece Inside the Secret World of Colombia’s Bodyguards and I have plenty more i’ll begin to put into words.

Colombia Final 4
Photo provided by Andrew of aspiringgentleman.com

I have never been this ready to return to my Social Travel Summit classes, from Neuromarketing to Public Speaking. The motivation is here.