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The Best and Worst Places for Christmas Travel

Christmas Travel

December is here, and it is a month that marks the beginning of festivities and Christmas celebrations around the globe. People of all walks of life, tribes, nation, and race all come together in a festive mood this time of the year. While some people are content with just spending the holidays at home with family and friends, many make use of this time of the year to travel. In fact, for some, it’s never Christmas without some traveling involved.

Well, with the Christmas period fast approaching, it is only fair for you to have a framework which can guide you to making the best decision of the travel destination that you should have in mind. In light of this, let’s look at some vacation destination ideas that you should and shouldn’t consider this Christmas.

Christmas Travel

The Best Family Vacation Spots in the World

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is regarded as the most affordable and vibrant Scandinavian cities. One of the things that make it among the most outstanding vacation destination ideas is that it is not only a relatively small city but quite welcoming.

In Copenhagen, one of the things that stand out is that people set the pace in the city instead of cars hence making the pre-Christmas activity in the city less stressful to navigate. What’s more is that during the festive season, Copenhagen is transformed by millions of lights and Christmas trees hence making it a great destination when coming up with your festive plans.


Europe is among the best family vacation spots in the world mainly because it is a period for exciting traditions that are centuries old. Germany is one of the countries that should always pop up in your mind if you are wondering where to vacation for Christmas due to the rich Christmas traditions that are practiced there (e.g., The German Weihanchtsmarkt).

In addition to this, the streets of Germany are full of stalls that sell handcrafted trinkets and fir trees that bear myriads of ornaments thus bringing the festive season`s romance into life. Some of the German cities that are pretty places to travel include Munich, Frankfurt, and Nuremberg among many others.



The month of December in Cambodia is usually dry hence making it one of the best warm vacations in December. Cambodia boasts of a pristine white coastline, ancient cities and emerald jungles that are ridden with elephant-trodden paths that are all waiting for your exploration at affordable prices. All these possible avenues of enjoying your Christmas are what make Cambodia one of the favorite places for seasoned travelers to go for cheap Christmas trips.

What’s more is that Cambodia`s inhabitants (The Khmer people) are incredibly welcoming and warm hence making the experience there unforgettable. Be it a Christmas trip or a New Year travel, what we are certain of is that paying a visit to Cambodia is an exciting, inspiring and humbling experience.

Santa Claus Village, Finland

If too much Santa is not enough for you, then you should arrange for a trip to the Arctic Circle in Finland. The jolly, famous man in the signature red suit is one of the most popular residents in this neighborhood. The remarkable wintertime snow together with the reindeer filled forests goes a long way in setting a tourist-friendly atmosphere. With a good enough budget, Santa Claus village is the best place for you to get your spirits lifted and the Christmas mood set perfectly for you and your loved ones.

It would be inappropriate to talk about this magnificent village without mentioning about its well-known amusement park by the name “Santa Park” that is a short distance from the village. This park goes ahead to deeply compliment the great Christmas memories you`ll make in Santa Claus Village.

Bethlehem, Westbank

With the current emphasis on overindulging and present grabbing, it is difficult for us to deny that Christmas` real meaning seems to be forgotten. For the purpose of refreshing ourselves, this holiday is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, it is only fair to state that there is little that compares to making a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the very person that this festive season seeks to celebrate.

The great energy that`s found on Bethlehem’s Manger Square as well as inside the Old City during Christmas Eve is just amazing. It is so extensive to the extent that it could easily be mistaken for a Christmas tree forest! Bethlehem, Westbank is the place to be found as the St Catherine Church`s clock strikes midnight for a Midnight service.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi is regarded as one of the unique places that one can travel for Christmas because of its different approach of celebrating this holiday. On 25th December, this beach is a magnet for free-spirits who are all about celebrating Christmas with a relentless festive spirit. The items that you can`t take to typical Christmas dinners are the ones that are popular on this beach.

Some of them include swimsuits, sunhats and sunscreen because all that people do in Bondi beach is dance and party throughout Christmas with globally recognized DJs and bands leading the celebrations.

The Worst Vacation Destinations Ideas

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


We are all aware that one of the things that make a place attractive for holiday visits is its state of security. When it comes to Tegucigalpa, it is worth noting that its security is quite dismal, this being evidenced by the skyrocketing crime levels in the place. It is so bad that tourists and residents alike are advised not to walk in the streets the minute the sun begins to set.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a city located in Brazil and is one of the places you shouldn’t put into your Christmas holiday travel destination list. This is because it is far from being one of the pretty places to travel hence making it a city that could quickly kill your Christmas spirit. In addition to this, Sao Paulo is prone to experiencing power shortages, floods, and massive traffic jams.

Christmas is a time for family and friends coming together and celebrating the festive season in each other`s presence. With this in mind, we can all agree that there are little ways of celebrating Christmas than traveling together. We have looked at some vacation destinations ideas for Christmas as they bring the holiday spirit alive in their unique ways.

On the other hand, some travel destinations have been shown to be places you should avoid this Christmas to see to it that your festive season doesn’t go down the drain according to Gear Reviews.

Are there any pretty places to travel that you have tried during the Christmas season? Do you know any other destinations that aren’t ideal to visit during Christmas? Please share with us by commenting below.

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