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The Benefits of Private Tours in Hong Kong

Private Tours in Hong Kong

If you are planning on visiting Hong Kong, one of the things that you might want to consider is a private tour. There are lots of ways to visit Hong Kong, as it is a popular tourist destination, and there is plenty to offer the tourist. Most people choose to go on group tours because they are less expensive than private tours, but there are definitely some advantages to going with a private tour instead. That’s exactly what we’ll be taking a look at in this article so that you can have the tools that you need to decide what kind of tour you want to take – or if you want to take one at all.

Strangers Can be Annoying (200)

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One of the best things about private tours in Hong Kong is that you choose who goes with you. Unfortunately, when you go on a group tour, you have no control over who is attending. There will be a group of strangers there, and like there is in every big group, there is going to be someone who annoys you. They may talk loudly on their phone while the tour guide is explaining something you want to learn about or they might snack on noisy food during the entire tour. Whatever the case may be, going on a group tour always has that risk of running into someone who is going to make your tour feel less special and prevent you from enjoying it as much.

But with a private group tour or a private tour for yourself or yourself and someone else, you don’t have anyone coming along that you do not know. While you may get annoyed with your own family members, you still want to spend time with them and enjoy your vacation with them. That’s not necessarily the case with strangers, and that’s why many people choose to go with a private tour rather than a group tour. Although a private tour can be a little more expensive than a group tour, it is often well worth it if you have enough people and you want to enjoy Hong Kong as much as possible a private tour is best.

You Can Choose Where You Go

You also get to choose where you go on a private tour. Group tours may have specific destinations that they take you to, but a private tour usually talks to you beforehand and finds out what sort of things you are interested in. They may have particular destinations in mind that they can recommend, but you can choose from those to determine where you go. That definitely can help you enjoy your trip to Hong Kong more, because if you have kids then you can go to destinations that are friendlier towards kids.

On a group tour, you may not get this luxury. In fact, many group tours are intended for adults and you are discouraged from bringing children on them. But with a private tour, you are able to include the entire family. Plus, you may be able to incorporate destinations that are not even recommended or included with the group tour. Private tour guides have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the destination, and they can often get you in for a private tour of a specific venue or attraction that you may not have been able to get on your own.

Private Tour Guides Often Know More Than Group Guides

In addition, a private tour guide is often a great deal more knowledgeable about the city than a group tour guide. Group tour guides are usually hired and then taught the information that they need to impart to their guests. That means that they will recite lines that they have learned about destinations that you will visit. This can be useful and even entertaining, but it can also be somewhat limited. A group tour also usually just gives you the basic information about a venue or location without getting too in depth about it.

Private tour guides are different. When you go on a private tour, your guide often has detailed knowledge about the places he or she will visit so that you can ask questions and get answers or learn about a specific attraction in great detail while only getting the thumbnail sketch of others that you are less interested in. A private tour guide will be able to show you all sorts of things that a regular group tour guide would not be able to, and private tour guides often have established relationships with workers at these attractions so that you may get a lot more access then you would normally get with a group tour.

The Tour Schedule is More Flexible

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Your tour schedule is also going to be a lot more flexible if you go on a private tour. When you go on a group tour, there are established times and places. You have to be at the tour bus at a certain time, and they will visit each location for a specified period of time. While this works well for a group setting where you have lots of different people, it may not fit your needs specifically. For example, if you arrive at a location where you are interested in learning more, you may not have that opportunity because the group tour is so limited in the amount of time spent there.

But private tours are a lot more flexible. For example, you may be able to go on the tour and decide once you get there how long you want to spend. Your tour guide may be able to get you not only increased access, but extra time spent at the location. That’s because private tour guides get paid more than group tour guides, and they often build relationships – including monetary relationships – with the people in charge of a particular venue. This means that they can call in favors such as allowing you to remain at a location for a longer period of time.

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