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How To Survive Bringing Your Kids To The Beach

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We’re only just getting into autumn now, and countless families are throwing together rough plans for one last holiday to sunnier climates. In your bachelor days, chasing the sun south usually meant nights on end full of bar hopping, cocktails you’ll never try again, and failed attempts at flirting. When you have kids, however, all that changes. Here’s some advice on how to survive the beach with your kids.

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The first, and in a way most important tip I can offer, is to sit next to a good landmark. Lifeguard towers are usually a good one. There may be a family with one of those ridiculously large sun tents, which can also make a good marker. At the very least, there should be a building with some kind of distinguishing feature to it. The point is that your kids are going to want to run off on their own adventure pretty much as soon as you arrive, and it won’t take long for them to swim a little far one way or another down the coastline. When they need to find you again, your kids just have to look for the landmark. Take care of this, and you’ll be able to relax a little more, instead of constantly scanning the surf for your child!

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Next, be sure to bring plenty of things for your kids to play with. You and your spouse may be perfectly happy to simply lay back, get some sun, and listen to the soft breath of the tide. Your kids might get a similar sense of tranquillity from the beach, but pretty soon that’s going to fade and they’re going to need to be entertained. If you’re lucky enough to still be raising toddlers, then your job is going to be very simple. Just give them a good ol’ bucket and spade, and they’ll have hours of fun messing around in the sand. For slightly older kids, a frisbee, football, or something else you can pass to one another, is a great choice. If you really want to wow your kids (and treat yourself in the process), then check out less conventional things like this watersports toy.

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Finally, come well-prepared for your kids getting hungry and thirsty. On most day trips, if your kid suddenly complains when you’re out about being hungry or thirsty, it’s easy enough to drop into a shop and grab something. When you’re on the beach, this isn’t always that easy. Even if you do have one of those little kiosks right next to you, the prices can be really extortionate. Get yourself a good cooler, and after the compulsory beers be sure to fill it with more kid-friendly refreshments. Sliced apples, oranges, and grapes are always good, along with juice pops. Most importantly of all, have two large bottles of water surrounded by ice. This will save you and your kids from dehydration.

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Take this advice, and you’ll have a wonderful, trouble-free day at the beach with your kids. As tempting as it may be, don’t sleep through this precious family moment!

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