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Nomad Lifestyle and strategies for success

Nomad lifestyle
Image by Lukas from Pixabay

So, maybe you’ve found the online job of your dreams, that allows you to fulfill your travelling dreams with it. Or maybe you’ve saved up, or even gotten some work overseas that will allow you to take an extended, if working, vacation. Maybe you’re broke but willing to do what it takes to see the world as a nomad lifestyle. Here are a few different ways of doing it, with pros and cons:

Live Off Of Savings:

This means you will be on vacation for an extended amount of time without working at all.

Pros: Your time is yours, all yours! You can just focus on travelling (which is already exhausting at times) and enjoying your destinations.

Cons: There will always be unforseen expenses eating at your budget. You definitely want to tighten your belt, and this means you may have to forego an experience for the good of the trip as a whole, and in order to not run out of funds. Cheap flight booking is absolutely essential to this strategy because of this. Being smart with your ticket purchases allows you to spend that much more on everything else.

The Working Vacation:

This is when you take your work with you, because you are doing it online.

Pros: Vacations can be much longer and more extensive in every way. You can also “fill up” on money by staying somewhere really cheap, and you may even be better off financially than back home, at least in the short term, if it’s planned and done right.

Cons: Time zones can be a big issue. To make this strategy work, don’t count on working much during travel days. Also, be realistic about your work load. It’s easy to pile too much on your plate on a working vacation, because you work and also want to do it all. Pace yourself. Also, if you have lots of work to do, don’t change locales too often.

See The World on a Shoestring:

This is where you have no money and just go for it! There are many tricks and ways  to go about a nomad lifestyle, some people go as far as take jobs on the crew of ships so they can cross the ocean for free, or even get paid to do it!

Pros: There is one big pro to this strategy; it requires no money to start off with. Also, you’re guaranteed to have some real adventures along the way.

Cons: This means doing work and dealing with living standards that may be way below what you’re used to, depending on your background. Check your comfort levels. A good idea is to do without before leaving the trip, like practice skipping meals, taking cold showers, sleeping on a thin mat, etc.