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Start The New Year Feeling Like A King: The Smart Way To Do Luxury Holidays

Are you bored of backpacking and cheap, comfortless hostels? With age, what sounded fun when you were in your early 20s becomes tiresome and unexciting as your lifestyle changes. So, as it’s still time to make a list of good resolutions for the new year, why not put comfortable and enjoyable holidays on top? You might think that luxury holidays are only for a few fortunate ones. But, here’s a little article that will prove how easy luxury holidays can be if you plan them well.

What Is Luxury?

This is a fair question and one that is too often ignored. You might assume too readily that luxury is synonymous with having your very own butler and a bed with sheets of gold as a duvet. While this is a definition of luxury, when it comes down to holiday making, luxury is something different. It’s about a vacation break where you can fully relax and forget about your everyday stress because you find yourself in a soothing environment. Luxury is, after all, a state of great comfort, so while it could indeed be a bed of gold, what it truly refers to is discovering a place where your mind and your body can rest in the middle of a beautiful setting. While you might feel like you are in for a treat, luxury holidays don’t have to be over the top expensive to feel so.

Nature Is Luxury

For many travelers, there is no bigger luxury than spending time in the outdoors and being able to sit among the greatest creations of Mother Nature. The USA have a lot to offer regarding breathtaking outdoor sceneries, and this is exactly why recharging your batteries during a walk between the trees and in the wilderness of some of America’s best national parks is more than just a day out. It’s a luxury of the mind, and it also brings you back to basics: Fresh air, peaceful environment, wild animals walking free. At a time when people invest a lot of money in buying a small block of concrete that they call home, there is nothing better for the mind than to remind yourself of the beauty that is around you.

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Luxury Vacations For Groups

Luxury holidays are about open space and peace of mind. But picking a quiet and stunning location is only half the battle! Often, luxury rentals in the middle of nature can seem a little expensive if you are looking for a well-equipped house. However, organizing group holidays with friends is guaranteed to reduce the investment and give you access to amazing panoramic settings that you couldn’t have afforded on your own. Especially if you rent a 2- or 3- bedroom timeshare on the resale market from an existing owner. These can be up to 90% off the price you’d pay through the resort directly for the exact same room.

Luxury Holidays For Couple Or Solo Travelers

Couples and solo travelers can taste the feeling of luxury vacations too, as there are a few tips to make those affordable for these tourist types. Often, avoiding school holidays will have a direct impact on the price: You are likely to find affordable luxury rentals and hotels if you avoid the summer and Christmas seasons, for example. Additionally, if you choose to research less touristic destinations, such as Ireland or Corsica, you will find stunning natural jewels that offer all the comfort you require for only a tenth of the price you’ll find in more popular destinations.

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