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Retirement and Fueling Your Sense of Adventure

Adventure Trip in Bali
Photo provided by Jason L of aspiringgentleman.com

Everyone used to think that retirement is all about being old and gray, but this mindset is slowly changing.

With people living lives that are less confined by rules and geography, retirement is becoming a major goal for many younger people. Retirement isn’t about fuzzy slippers and chess games. It is now more about finding your happy place and moving there, wherever in the world it may be. Retirement is now about finding your sense of adventure and traveling to different places that can fuel it. Websites like TravelExcellence.com make such a goal possible.

I am all about promoting a sense of adventure within everyone. We work hard and we also find ways to enjoy ourselves, but indulging in that sense of adventure helps you keep growing as a person. You learn many different lessons and collect many great experiences. How do you fuel your sense of adventure? You need to figure out where you want to retire where you can fuel your sense of adventure. This site: bestplacesretire.com has some great ideas!

Take Trips

Adventure Trip in Bali
Photo provided by Jason L of aspiringgentleman.com

When ready to retire, whatever age you may be when that happens, consider getting out of your comfort zone. Travel is a common way of enjoying and soul searching.  A big travel goal like this takes a lot of planning, but begins with the question: what level of comfort are you willing to compromise and what comforts are you going to hold on to?

Whether you are a luxury traveler or a spontaneous backpacker, you can be sure that immersing in new cultures is a great way of fueling your sense of adventure without breaking the bank, and you don’t have to go very far. People think they have to go across the world to enjoy new traditions and cultures, but this is false. There are many beautiful places that you can check out in the US or in neighboring Latin America.

Look into deals 

Most deals like midweek travel and non-peak dates are often overlooked because people aren’t able to take their leave from work or other responsibilities. This is the time to really take advantage of such deals. This is an opportunity for you to really shop around.

The biggest adventure of them all: settling down

While you can travel forever, it is more likely that you fall in love with one country that you visit somewhere along the road. A lot of retirees, both young and old, are taking advantage of the opportunity to live in Latin America. With its cheaper cost of living and proximity to the US, you are able to come back to the motherland anytime you want to.

Your sense of adventure does not stop when you get old. You get old when you lose your sense of adventure. Retirement is now an entirely different ball game, so whether it is you granny or you who has finally left the corporate life, make sure that you make these wonderful years count.