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Quarantine Proposal Ideas: Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop Love

Proposal Ideas

Quarantine Proposal Ideas: Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop Love

Ever since the pandemic erupted, you’ve probably been getting pretty cozy with your significant other. You’re compatible because you’ve hunkered down together for the last few months. If you can get through this, you’ll be able to overcome any conflict that comes your way. The pandemic has given everyone time to think about their true values in life, and maybe you’ve concluded that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level, maybe you have some Proposal Ideas.

Although scientists have made great strides in creating a vaccine, this virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why put your proposal on hold? Planning the wedding during the rest of the pandemic might be a nice distraction from the craziness! Here are a few quarantine proposal ideas, because even a pandemic can’t Stop Love!

Acquire the essentials

The essential part of every proposal is a great ring. You might be worried that, due to quarantine, you won’t be able to find the perfect ring because in-person jewelers are closed. Don’t fret! That’s the wonder of the Internet! You have many more rings to choose from on an online platform than you ever would in a store. It’s also much easier to share your thoughts and ideas with her friends and loved ones to get an idea of what they think she would love.

You’re probably planning on spending a decent amount of money on her ring, so you’ll want to find a secure and trusted online business. For a unique, high-quality engagement ring, check out Agape Diamonds. Their in-house designers, master bench jewelers, and customer service associates have over seventy years of combined experience to know the business through and through truly.

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Proposal Ideas

Pack your bags!

Travel isn’t recommended right now, but there is one safe way to travel if you and your lover have been quarantining together: in an RV! A romantic cross-country camping trip might be just what you need to pop the question to your special someone. Plus, by shopping around and comparing different RV extended warranty plans, you’ll be able to get where you’re going without breaking the bank if something goes wrong with your RV. You’ve already invested in a beautiful engagement ring — don’t spend any more money on unnecessary repairs by opting for more than the manufacturer’s warranty!

Sell it as a date night

Be honest. When was the last time you wore pants? If it has only been a few weeks, you’re doing better than most. Now, think about the last time you and your partner dressed up together and looked nice. That might have been quite a while ago. You don’t want to propose in your pajamas, but you also don’t want your significant other to catch on to your proposal plot, so sell your future fiancée on a date night.

It’s easy to get tired of anything in quarantine, so pretend that you’re looking to switch things up! You can make different stations in your home that represent some of your favorite date locations. You can hang curtains around your TV for a night out at the “cinema.” Or, recreate some of the décors from your favorite restaurant and order in. You can blame the spontaneity on cabin fever, and she’s sure to believe you.