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Organising That Big Cross-Country Trip With The Guys Without Fuss

The open road is one of the best places for a proper adventure holiday. With a few destinations in mind and the right company, all you need is a set of wheels to experience some of the best parts of Europe. Though if you have never done it before, it will take a bit of preparation. If you’re planning a big European road trip with your friends, these tips could make it your best vacation yet.

Getting everything ready

Make sure everyone has everything they will need. Firstly, besides the maps you might get on the road, there are good free GPS apps that will keep you going straight. Take all the weather appropriate clothing based on the destinations you want to stop off at. A healthy supply of Euros is necessary, too, so get your money exchanged well before you set off.

How you’ll get there

It’s a road trip, so obviously you’re going to need some wheels. Many will opt for getting themselves a rental but this can cost a lot in the long run. Some of the additional charges can be particularly crippling, too. One of the best ways to have a road trip is by taking a van with you. Vans can be relatively cheap when bought from places like Imperial Car Supermarket instead of new. They provide plenty of space for those sick of sitting in the one seat, too. You might even fit a small bed back there. When it comes to a road-trip, the routes are as much the destination as the places you’re taking those routes to. Ultimate Drives is a great resource for finding some of the most beautifully scenic routes in Europe.

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The division of labour

When you’re travelling in a group, it’s important that there’s a sense of group responsibility as well as shared fun. Taking turns with the driver, if you’re able, is one of the obvious solutions. But there are other things you should be dividing up, too. Make sure everyone takes part in the necessary labour. Taking turns or assigning individual tasks is good way to go. Handling finances. Reading maps. Even organising the playlist Is a task that can doled out. Just make sure no-one is ‘freeloading’ or the resentment might pile up quick than you would expect.

The places you’ll see

It’s important to have some sort of loose plan for the different places you’ll see. Europe is a continent with lots of beautiful countries, so it won’t be difficult finding a route that will suit all your tastes. The amount of choice might actually be part of the problem! Worry not, as we’ve already put together our thoughts on some of the best cross-country stops in Europe.

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Be prepared for trouble

It’s not likely you will run into any real legal trouble when you’re abroad, but it’s important to stay informed. There are some bizarre traffic laws in particular that might trip you up. Make sure to do your research on each country you plan on passing through.

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