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Mules (Or Other Comfy Shoes) Need For This Walking Trip Around Moscow

Walking Trip Around Moscow

Moscow is a city like no other. It is a city chocked full of palaces churches, and cathedrals, with architecture ranging from classic to neo – Russian. In fact, many of the most spectacular places to visit are right in the city centre, meaning that it is entirely possible to walk from one to the next. Of course, to do so, you’ll need some comfy shoes and a guide as to where to go. The latter being something the post below can help you with.


For many visitors to Russia, the first place to head to is the imposing Red Square, as this is the site of the Kremlin building. For those that don’t know the Kremlin is a large walled complex of palaces and churches that date back to the time of the Tzars.

KremlinPicture here

In particular, people like to visit the armoury building with its distinctive green roof and yellow paintwork. There you can find exhibitions on the Russian army through the ages, as well as gold and silver work, and even a display of traditional Russian sewing and headgear.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral


A short hop from the famous Red Square across from the Kremlin you will find one of the most spectacular churches in the entire world. It is, of course, Saint Basil’s Cathedral built by Ivan The Terrible in the 1500s and constructed in a traditional Russian style.

The turrets and brightly coloured and gilded domes are what draws many to this famous landmark, but once you arrive, you will be pleased to see that there are many treasures held within the cathedral as walls as without.

In particular, make some time to visit the fantastic frescos on the wall and ceiling that line the inside of the building.

Of course, if you plan to walk to these sites from your hotel, as well as between them, you will need to pick accommodation that is close by. Happily, there is an excellent range on offer including the Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel at the higher end of the spectrum, all the way through to the budget Best Western Plus Vega Hotel.  

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

A 15-minute walk from Saint Basil’s Cathedral will take you to the famous Bolshoi Theatre. This building is in the classic style and was reconstructed in 2005 to return it to its full glory. It is worth a visit just for the view from outside of the grand architecture, and to take a few selfies, of course! However, if you can why not take the chance to see one of the many ballets or opera that are held here regularly?


Take a selfie at the Bolshoi Theatre (Sombrero optional)

Gorky Park

Now, if those shoes of yours are up to a slightly longer walk about 50 minutes away from the Bolshoi theatre, you will find the iconic Gorky Park.

This is a large city park with plenty of green areas and fountains. There is a funfair with a roller coaster and rides to enjoy here too, as well as ice skating in the winter. However, don’t be upset if you visit during summertime, because as the park is set on the river, you can join the Moscow residents in sunbathing on one of the many decks instead, something that will provide a perfect break after your walking tour.