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Moving to a New State: A Checklist

Moving to a New State: A Checklist
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Packing up and starting a new life in a new state is one of the most thrilling things a family or individual can do. But how can you ensure that your new home includes a clean break from the old one, with no unexpected problems? 

Passionate and dedicated Real Estate Brokerage firms like Compass are firm believers in making the transition between two homes across states as easy as possible, and if you stick to this checklist, you’re certain to find yourselves in a new home, with no worries, in no time!

Have you amended your membership details?

A common thing to forget is to amend your different memberships. But there’s nothing worse than putting all that effort into a new move and realizing your mail is still being sent to your old address. Streaming services, gym memberships, and any postal subscriptions you have need to be alerted about your changes as soon as possible.

In some cases, you can simply transfer your membership to a local place, particularly in the case of gyms. Either way, this will eliminate any issues with mail, payments, and confusion over where you reside. 

Have you alerted your utilities, cable, and cell phone providers? 

Water, gas, and electric companies will need to be informed of specific moving-out dates to avoid you being charged after you’ve left the premises. Cell phone, cable, and internet services should also be informed of these changes. 

You may only need to update your listed address on some accounts here. But what matters is that you’ve left nothing to chance and updated all parties involved. 

Have you told your bank and other financial companies you deal with?

This cannot be overlooked. Giving all financial companies your latest information is key to a stress-free move into a new state. After all, you need credit cards, loan companies, and any investment portfolios you have to contain the right information! 

Have you updated your online delivery details on e-commerce sites? 

You don’t want to make a purchase on Amazon or eBay to later realize it’s ended up on your old doorstep hundreds of miles away! Make a list of every site you visit regularly and update those delivery details. 

Have you told your healthcare providers? 

By focusing on so many smaller details during a move, people can forget to make sure some of the more important matters are taken care of. Doctors, vets, dentists, and other healthcare professionals must be told of your plans before you set off for a new state. 

In fact, you may even get recommendations from your current healthcare teams about reputable places you can attend in your new place. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your current providers will be able to accommodate your needs from another state. 

If you or your children require medicine on a regular basis, notifying your pharmacy is also a good idea. It may sound like a lot of hassle, but with so much to worry about, it’s one less problem for you and your family, getting you to your new destination happy, healthy, and hopeful for your new journey in life!

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