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The Modern Nomad – A Tech-Centric Guide to Exploring the Wilderness

The Modern Nomad - A Tech-Centric Guide to Exploring the Wilderness
Image by mostafa meraji from Pixabay

The modern world is a place that is well-mapped and basically entirely explored, which is a great thing when it comes to tasks like acquiring food and making our way to work on weekdays. This isn’t so good for those of us that like to explore, get ourselves lost, and escape from the orderly, well-mapped day-to-day life we lead in the cities of the world. Camping is a great way to fulfill this need for isolation and relaxation, and many people find it easy to forget about their worries when completely cut off from the modern world, which makes stressful jobs and hard times in life more tolerable.

If you rely on wilderness exploration for your fix of relaxation, but can’t do without some kinds of tech to help keep you safe, then this is the article for you. We have put together a tech-centric guide to exploring the wilderness in the hopes that it helps you fully prepare yourself for whatever the wild world throws at you.

Portable Solar

The first item on the list is a portable solar panel and related device. Solar panels offer you a way to generate your own electricity when removed from the grid, and this makes them an ideal tool for the advanced explorer. If you want to use electronic devices that can be recharged, a solar panel with a power board attachment can be a life saver. If you’re more after a camping lamp for your tent, solar powered tent lamps are not only widely available, but can be charged throughout the day, when you wouldn’t be using it anyway.

LED Torches

The next item on our list is an LED torch. LED torches are fast becoming the go-to for all outback and wilderness exploring types, due to their lightweight builds, astounding battery life, durability, and brightness. Because LEDs don’t need to utilize red-hot metal filaments in a vacuum like lightbulbs do, they can reach much brighter levels of light and can be significantly more durable too. Fenix LED torches, especially, are perfect for creeping carefully through the nearest campgrounds or rainforest settings, and will be invaluable in keeping your surroundings completely illuminated.

GPS Locator

GPS locators are great emergency devices that are designed to be durable, portable, and long-lasting in the event of a catastrophe befalling you. Imagine you’re out walking in the outback, several hours from the nearest speck of civilisation, and you slip and break your leg.

This situation could easily be fatal to you if you don’t have the right tools and knowhow to get yourself to safety, but with a GPS locator you can set off your emergency beacon and the nearest emergency services will now have a way to locate you precisely. While they aren’t the most affordable option for a wilderness emergency, they are certainly a good idea if you intend to move far from home.

Fire Steel

Flint and steel have long been used to start fires, as they produce a healthy spark when rubbed together correctly. This premise has been carried over in the modern age to a more technologically sound variant, the Fire Steel. Fire Steel refers to small, highly portable fire strikers that use no fuel and can light fires in the rain, the wind, and the snow. The spark shot from these strikers can reach up to thousands of degrees, making them highly useful in starting fires, and immeasurably useful when faced with a long, dark, cold night in the middle of nowhere.

Water Filters

Many people don’t think of this as an option for camping or hiking, but sources of natural water can be made into drinking water without needing to stop, set up camp, and boil it over a stove. Ponds, streams, and rivers are all viable options to drink from if you have high-filtration water bottles. Only try this if the bottle manufacturer insists on it’s safety, but many companies like Liquidity stand by their claims that even disgusting, sludgy water from inner-city rivers is instantly safe to drink when filtered through their water bottle.


Finally, somewhere to shelter yourself is key when it comes to utilizing technology in your search for wilderness tranquility. A good tent is easy enough to find, but what if you’re travelling cross country on a motorcycle and need something small? Or what if you want your tent to be more durable, or if you want to sleep suspended above the ground? These problems all have solutions, and tents are by far the easiest way to go when it comes to durability, portability, and changeability too.

With these objects in your possession, your trip will not only be more straightforward, it will be more relaxing as well.