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A Luxury Travel Guide To Malta

Thinking About A Luxury Home
Image by DivvyPixel from Pixabay

Malta still flies under the radar as a luxurious destination, yet in recent years the island had upped the ante and is steadily becoming one of the hottest destinations in the Mediterranean. Enjoying a year-round mild climate with copious days of sunshine, this island gem is the perfect getaway whatever the season. Pair that with the fact that English is one of the island’s official languages, and you’ve got a full package for a truly mesmerizing holiday.

Luxury starts at home

Why compromise luxury when choosing accommodation? Malta is known for its spectacular villas, set in exclusive locations and boasting expansive views. Luxury Villas Malta  offer 5-star, private villas with infinity pools located in Santa Maria Estate, Malta’s swankiest district found in Mellieha. These villas are opulently equipped with private sauna and spa areas, as well as games rooms and entertainment facilities. Short Lets Malta  also offer a wide selection of apartments, ranging from 4-bedroom seafront apartments in Sliema, to quaint 1-bedroom apartments in the heart of Malta’s capital. There is no greater luxury than relaxing in your own home, and renting a vacation home provides you with this luxury even while you’re on holiday.

Eat like a king

Maltese food is a delicious blend of Italian and North African cuisine, with some British favorites also featuring on the menu. When hiring a private chef at your villa for the ultimate luxury experience, or dine in one of the various excellent restaurants around the island. Make sure to wash this all down with some authentic Maltese red wine, one of the country’s best exports.

Walk in Brad Pitt’s footsteps

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent a summer in Malta’s sister island of Gozo while filming ‘By the Sea’, and they reportedly fell in love with the islands’ charm. Take a trip to the quieter Gozo and visit Mgarr ix-Xini, where the movie was set, or saunter down the ancient streets of Malta’s capital Valletta – a city built by gentlemen, for gentlemen. Valletta is home to countless monuments and historic buildings dating back to the Knights, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. Luxury Villas Malta offer a one of a kind accommodation in Valletta  – a renovated 16th Century house which had belonged to the Knights of St John. The house is a perfect blend of old and new, still displaying its original features while also offering modern amenities, such as the superb hot tub and pool on the deck.

Swim in the clearest waters of the Mediterranean

The Blue Lagoon, found on the smallest island of Comino, is Malta’s most instagrammed spot – and it is easy to see why. The sea in this breathtaking bay is a bright shade of aquamarine, and visibilty underwater reaches an impressive 100 feet. The whole vibe of the car-free island of Comino is that of a tropical paradise, one which you can explore freely at your own pace. Booking a private yacht with Fun Malta , and explore Comino’s turquoise waters and many caves at your leisure.

Why Malta?

 Why not Malta? The island is still relatively unknown, yet can offer a holiday of a lifetime. There are tons of things to see, new food to try, and friendly people to meet. Among all the Ibizas and Marbellas, be a rebel. Be a Malta.