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How To Prepare for Your First Yacht Charter in Croatia

How To Prepare for Your First Yacht Charter in Croatia
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There are many fun activities you can do in Croatia, and one of them is charting a yacht. If you are thinking of visiting Croatia, you can consider a yacht charter vacation. It is ideal for you if you are interested in having glamorous fun or visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites. Yacht rides are classy, fun, and relaxing. Imagine yourself surrounded by water and inhaling fresh air. If you want to go for something conservative or have a party, your needs are sorted.

If you have never gone on a yacht charter, you might be feeling anxious over your first trip. Here is a guide to your first yacht charter and some tips on making the most from it.

How to choose your charter

When planning a charter-yacht vacation, the first thing you need to do is choose the right charter for you. You can get recommendations from friends or family or use a charter broker. It is advisable to use a reputable charter agency to go through all your options with you. They can tell you of yachts with crews that suit your needs. If you have a family, you are better off looking for crews that are good with children. Charter agencies have brokers that will give you personalized service and ensure that you have everything you need. However, the type and level of service vary depending on the crew and your budget. 

In this internet era, you can look for charter agencies online. You can contact several before you settle for the ideal one. Ensure you have their contact information and talk to a specific person. 

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Your plan

Before you get on a charter, you need to have a plan. You need to know what you want to do on your vacation. If you are in Croatia, you can consider UNESCO World Heritage sites, go snorkeling, try spearfishing, among other activities. If you want to keep exploring different towns on the coast, your charter might be different. The speed, flag, size, and draft depth determine how many steps you can make if you are going on a yacht tour. You also need to be clear on how long your vacation will last and how many people will be with you.

Once you figure out all these details, you can talk to your charter agency for them to handle the rest. Most charter yachts can carry 12 people plus the crew. If your group has more than 12 people, you need to inform the agency to get a PYC or SOLAS class yacht that can carry 36 passengers. 

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Personalized care

If you bring children or family members with certain medical conditions, you need to inform the crew. You also need a nanny if you need help with your children and a nurse or doctor on board. While there are attendants on the yacht, they cannot always be there to take care of all your needs. The crew cannot replace your nanny, so you need to come with one. You will have to cover the cost of having extra personnel with you. 

There is no need to worry about the extra accommodation as the yacht has bunk beds suitable for children. If you want to sleep with your child or children, there are twin beds. There is also a Pullman bed that can fit three people. 

You need to discuss your preferences with the broker to inform the crew. Here is where you talk about allergies, special dietary needs, activities to do, and other things concerning your trip. This will help the crew be better prepared for you and reduce the chances of mishaps. 

If you or someone in your group has motion sickness, you need to have enough anti-nausea medication with you. You can ask the crew to prepare some in case you forget. 

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When to book

Once you sort out the yacht details, you need to know when to book your cruise. You need to have more than one choice for the yacht. That way, you can have other options if your first one does not work out. During holidays, the prices are higher. If you want to get affordable prices, you need to book way in advance. When going during peak seasons, you might have to book up to a year in advance. If timing is not a problem, brokers are sure to get you a yacht.  


This is one of the most significant determinants of the yacht you will use. Your charter broker can help you get a yacht that suits your price range. They will inform you of the different options and extra costs for personalized services. The price is determined by the type of yacht, number of people, food and drinks, docking, and fuel expenses and tips. The more activities you have, the higher the cost. That is why you need to plan to get a precise estimate.

Onboard activities

If you are alone on the trip, you can make friends by participating in different activities. Most crews have yoga, dance, and other activities to help passengers socialize. You can look at the list of activities when planning for your trip. It never hurts to have an extra friend. They can make the trip more enjoyable.  

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Final thoughts on charter yachts

If you plan on going on a charter-yacht vacation, you should contact a reputable charter agency. They can guide you on the best yacht to use for your entire vacation. Also, they will protect you since you will have a contract with them. Don’t put yourself at risk by booking by yourself, thinking that you will save some costs. You are better off paying a bit extra and having everything taken care of. If you are looking for vacation activities, you can visit Croatia and the sea. Don’t forget to bring your camera and notebook so you can document your experiences.

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