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How To Plan The Perfect American Road Trip

road trip
Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

How To Plan The Perfect American Road Trip

The great American road trip has become a legend. Immortalized in film and literature, the passage from east to west is a rite of passage. Hitching up the car, and setting out into the American heartland is something we should all do at least once. The USA is a vast country, and you’ll drink in different cultures, sites, and sounds. You’ll try the best food America has to offer, and meet some amazing people. If you ask us, traveling by road is the best way to see the world. Is a road trip on your bucket list? Here’s how you plan it.

road trip
Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

Choose the route

The classic, and obvious choice is Route 66. We suggest setting out from New York, so you can experience the full coast-to-coast thrill. Join Route 66 at Chicago, then take the road through Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally reaching Los Angeles. It takes in everything that makes America special. The buzzing cities, the deep heartlands, and the west coast itself. Of course, you can take any combination of roads you like, it’s your journey! Don’t be afraid to choose spontaneity. The best things happen when you go off the beaten track.


The journey across America is a long, long way. It’s often rugged terrain, and you’ll find yourself out in the desert at times. It’s not the most hospitable place to break down! Make sure your vehicle can handle the long, hard route. We know the classic films always take a convertible car, but something a little bigger and sturdier is our suggestion. In fact, it’s worth looking at the travel trailers from Fun Town RV. They’re built to eat up the miles out on the road. They’re comfortable and practical too.


Only the craziest road trippers would attempt the full length of America without sleeping. It’s two straight days drive from New York, without factoring in stops. You’ll want to set yourself up in good accommodation along the way. Of course, if you’ve taken our advice, and bought an RV, you’re all set! Just pitch up at the side of the road. Otherwise, identify motels and hotels along the way.

Stops and attractions

The best thing about Route 66 is the amount of fascinating stops and attractions along the way. There are wonderful national parks, magnificent monuments, and down-right weird attractions! Plan to make regular stops in the major towns and cities. It’s where you’ll meet all the best people, and add a spirit of adventure to your trip.


Last of all, make sure you and your car are prepared for the long journey. Take plenty of healthy snacks, and keep yourself hydrated. Take first aid kits for emergencies, and be sure to pack a car emergency kit. That includes a spare wheel, jack, and extra oil.
Follow this advice, and you’re all set to hit the road! Let the journey take you to amazing places, and fantastic, spontaneous adventures. Best of luck, and send us a postcard!

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