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How Seniors Stay Safe While Traveling

How Seniors Stay Safe While Traveling
Image by Dittmar Sauer from Pixabay

Do you worry about staying safe while on vacation? It’s an understandable concern, especially among older adults who often fall victim to scams and other kinds of crime while away from their homes. Luckily, there are several effective techniques for maximizing the safety factor when you’re on a journey. Seniors should consider applying the safety in numbers principle by traveling with others. Additionally, finance your trip by paying for everything in advance so you won’t have to carry cash or more than one credit card. 

If you’re a senior, keep in mind that it’s wise to avoid remote locations unless you’re with a group. Scammers and thieves prefer to prey on travelers who are alone and far from the city. And, rest assured that you don’t need to be a tech expert to download a useful safety app for your phone and other electronic devices while away from home. Finally, except for special nights out, think about dressing down while you travel to avoid becoming an easy target for crooks. Here are specific ideas for staying safe on vacation.

Safety in Numbers

One of the most effective crime deterrents is a group of people. The more people you travel with, the less likely you will become the victim of a crime. Consider joining tour groups to minimize the crime factor and increase the fun and social aspects of any trip. Join one of the many online tour and travel clubs for seniors, but avoid any that try to charge you a membership fee. The best ones are free.

Finance Your Trip Early, and Don’t Carry cash

There’s no sense in carrying a bunch of cash on a trip you pay for in advance. One credit card and a small amount of cash will do. To pay the entire bill upfront, consider cashing in your term life insurance policy with a life settlement. A third party takes ownership of the policy and pays all the premiums from here on out. You get a cash payout over the policy’s cash value but less than the stated death benefit. There’s a misconception that term policies don’t have cash value, but in nearly every case, they do. Why not leverage the power of a life settlement to get some ready cash and pay for your whole vacation well in advance. Then, you can travel freely and easily, without worrying about money or carrying any cash with you.

Avoid Remote Destinations and Dress Down

Even if you want to cut the costs of your travel plans, stay away from backwoods resorts or vacation spots in sparsely populated areas if you are traveling alone or just as a couple. Save the wilderness experiences for group travel, and you’ll be less likely to encounter trouble. Plus, even when traveling to big cities or relatively safe locations, avoid dressing too nicely unless you’re headed for a night on the town. Thieves can usually spot vacationers, but you don’t need to make their job easier.

Use a Safety App on All Devices

Find a phone and computer safety app that lets a trusted family member track your location while you’re gone. There are several options of medical alert bracelets that are inconspicuous but keep seniors safe.

Featured Image by Dittmar Sauer from Pixabay