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Hire A Rental Car to Go Around 2-Weeks Road Trip in Portugal

Hire A Rental Car to Go Around 2-Weeks Road Trip in Portugal
Image by Pedro Grão from Pixabay

A trip to Portugal is one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe because of its diversified architecture and historical views. A few travelers visit Portugal for an outing at two main cities, Porto and Lisbon. The beautiful beaches of the Algarve and the majestic palaces of the Sintra attract many others. 

Apart from these regions, travelers can also visit places like Péniche, Nazare, Alentejo, etc. So, getting a rental car to visit all these regions in Portugal will be fun, and you can experience hospitality, homemade hot meals, rural villages, iconic natural spots, and much more. While on the move, you can also enjoy some time playing the NetBet Slots. The site is one of the trusted online casino sites and offers a wide range of games. Have it in your way!

Here’s a tip to rent a car in Portugal, you can pick and drop off your car at any of the main airports in Lisbon, Faro, or Porto. Firstly, you must familiarize yourself with the car rental terms and conditions as outlined in Portugal. Check out the mileage and fuel policies as set up by the local rental shops.

Places To Visit In Portugal On Your Two Weeks Road Trip

  • Lisbon: The iconic city of Lisbon must be your first stop from where you can take a straight 4-hours trip to Porto. You can hire a car from here and spend a day or two exploring this city. Visit the beautiful Vasco de Gama Bridge, places of magnificent Mozaique tiles, go to Amalfa district, beer museum, have tapas and coffee, and if possible, take a night train to the place.
  • Cascais: It is originally the fisherman’s village of Portugal but the most scenic place in the country. It has a mixture of luxury and modern traveling aspects. The Aristocrats majorly visited this town in the 1800s. The famous James Bond movie ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is also shot here. It has perfect beaches for swimming and surfing around. Do visit Boca Do Inferno or Hell’s Mouth that is the rock formation. Eat to your fullest at the nearest on-shore restaurant.
  • Sintra: Visit the country’s famous fairytale town, Sintra, where you must see the Pena Palace. This alluring town has historical forts, mesmerizing palaces, significant pathways to the slopes and the hilltops. You can even take a rental car here, explore the town, return the car, and take a train that takes only 45 minutes to Lisbon. This town is also known as the UNESCO World Heritage, and its valley of lakes and lush green oasis will leave you speechless. The Vagos Toy Museum is a great stop to enjoy with your children.
  • Algarve: Get to the sun-kissed beach city of Algarve. The city consists of picturesque little towns, cliff tops, golfing grounds, and surfing destinations. You must make sure to explore the southernmost region of Algarve to a western point in Cape St. Vincent. Explore the crystal clear magical beaches and hop on the coastal trip to the Cacela Velha, a small town that is cobbled 45 minutes away from Algarve. Other best things to do are walk lush green trails, experience Moorish history, and relax in the stunning countryside places.
Algarve Portugal
Image by EuamoBrasil from Pixabay
  • Porto: It is like the little sibling of another big town of Portugal, Lisbon. Your road trip in Portugal isn’t complete without spending some time here. Walk to small hillside streets, go to Livraria Lello, go for the boat trip, and chase the blue tiles or Azulejos in this town. You can also enjoy the Fado show or visit port cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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Featured Image by Pedro Grão from Pixabay