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Here’s How to Stay Safe as a Woman During Solo Travel

Here's How to Stay Safe as a Woman During Solo Travel
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

Let’s be honest – women traveling alone need to be extra vigilant than men to stay safe. The world is dangerous, and all it takes is one bad apple to spoil your trip. 

We’re not saying you should cancel your travel plans. You can do some things to make sure your stay in any new city will be as safe as possible when traveling alone or with kids

In this blog post, we’ll discuss hotel safety tips for women traveling alone that will help you stay safe during your trip.

Don’t Reveal This Important Detail

One of the most important hotel safety tips for women traveling alone is to ensure you don’t reveal your gender when booking online. You can try booking the hotel with your initials or surname. Anonymity when traveling alone could be handy concerning your safety.

Don’t Book the Ground Floor

The ground floor can be easily accessible by intruders who can reach your room. That’s why it’s important to avoid booking a room on the ground floor. If you absolutely must, ask for a room that is not near the main entrance.

Check for Security Features

When checking into your hotel, take a look around and assess the security features. Is there a lock on the door? How easy is it to access the room from the hallway? Are there any security cameras in place? If you find anything fishy, immediately report it to the reception.

Ensure Your Security

If possible, bring your own lock with you and use it to secure your luggage and belongings inside the hotel room. This will help keep your things safe while you’re out and about exploring the city.

Be Vigilant

Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most important hotel safety tips for women traveling alone. Never walk to and from your hotel alone, especially after dark! If possible, always take a taxi when traveling between your location and the hotel.

Don’t Make Yourself an Easy Target

When you arrive at your hotel with all your high-priced items, you’re announcing to the world that you have a fat wallet. Keep your purse close to you when visiting sightseeing spots, and don’t walk around too much. The more time and distance between you and your things, the less safe they will be.

Keep safe
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Book Your Room in Advance

This way, you can ensure that the room you’re getting is appropriate and has all the necessary security features. You don’t want to end up with a windowless, doorless closet as your safe haven! If you want to make sure that you’re safe in your accommodation, there are private luxury villas to rent in Mykonos that offer high-end amenities and topmost security if you’re traveling to this busy island. 

The Location Matters

You want to book a hotel in a crowded area with many people. Make sure your door is close to the entrance and not to a deserted hallway when you sleep. This way, you can avoid any suspicious characters trying their luck.

Check Reviews Online

When looking for short-term rentals in San Francisco, make sure to read the reviews of the hotel you’re thinking about booking. This way, you can see if any previous guests have complained about theft or mishandling of property. If there are no reviews, try contacting the hotel directly and ask them if they have had any issues with thefts in their facilities.

Check the Facilities

We recommend checking out what you get in your room before checking in. Make sure nothing is broken, such as smoke detectors, electric sockets, and lights (seriously, one of our friends got a hotel without working lights). If anything seems off, contact the reception immediately. Also, make sure there are no hidden cameras that can compromise your privacy.

Final Word

It pays to know how to keep yourself safe when traveling alone as a woman. Follow these simple pointers, and you will be safe and sound.

Featured Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay