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Getaway to the islands


Back in the day, islands used to be the rich people’s playground, Catering to the exploration fantasies of every wealthy family in the world, islands have carried some of that mysterious charm forward. Turn to 2019, and islands increasingly fill our travel itineraries. They are mystical, have their own indigenous cultures and also hold complex things you can try out.

Now, with the best island vacation rentals available just a click away, you can rest assured that an island vacation can be your reality. Choose the best island hotspots and hop onto a plane to live as the Victorian Kings did. Here are some of the islands to visit when you decide on going for a vacation.

1. Crete, Greece

CreteCrete as an islands boasts a mix of some diverse cultures with Turkish, Venetian and other influences mixed in. Here, you can find Turkish mosques hidden amidst a charming Venetian market, and see thousands of places where the architectural styles have fused to create something new. Crete also delivers on its promise of gorgeous food, but, not in the traditional Greek way. While, you’ll find the old Greek love, and familiarity everywhere, the food would go through all the Mediterranean cultures to give to you something finally unique.

Not to forget that this island boasts some of the most pristine beaches in the whole world. Enjoy the azure waters and white sands as you look down from white cliffs. For the adventurous, Crete is a treasure trove of discovery, offering not only areas where you can snorkel and learn scuba diving, but, also areas where you can learn the tricks of the trade about parasailing, and other things, creating a sort of paradise that you’ve dreamt about.

End your days with a celebration at Balos, the most famous Crete beach where you can lounge in the white sand and enjoy the sun setting near the horizon.

2. Maldives

This beautiful archipelago on the Indian Ocean has been a mixture of different cultures too. It also claims one of the unique heritage of having some of the best beaches in the world. Here you can go hiking in the forests and discover hidden treasures along the way. The resorts in and around the Maldives have also upped their quotient in recent years. With private beaches and eclectic cuisine to boot, you won’t be lacking in things to do when you go to the Maldives.

For the adventurous minded, there are different hiking trails through the dense forests which offer you a way to enjoy yourselves.

Try out adventure sports like paragliding and parasailing when you go there, or find your cozy little nook where you can enjoy yourself. Remember to keep the traditional spa traditions of Maldives in mind too, since, these traditions are unique and will offer you a respite from the work stress that you carry around most of the year.

Mostly though, find the nooks and crevices which hide architectural marvels. The Maldives as an island holds cultures and nature are mixing beautifully, offering you a way out of your daily life.

3. Raiatea

Raiatea doesn’t make a lot of noise in international traveling magazines, and it’s for a good reason. The travel here is quite hectic, and often the French Polynesian dream stops with a trip to Bora Bora. However, for a person trying to find a place to relax and enjoy themselves, this group of islands is their best. Try out the lagoons for finding a peaceful rest from all the uproar that follows other Polynesian beaches, or enjoy yourself in a hammock.

The lifestyle here is comfortable, and while, like all other islands on this list, there are excellent opportunities for adventure in this little part of the world, it doesn’t come as highly recommended. This is because of the way the island happens to be; you can try out deep sea diving to discover shipwrecks and find sharks, but, enjoying wine seems like a finer occupation when you come here.

The getaway is filled with perfectly blue lagoons where you can rest and let yourself go. Catch up on some reading, listen to some music, enjoy the local cuisine, and finally dance away your time, so, that you can fully relax.

4. South Island, New Zealand

Going down under is something that a lot of us rue. Mostly, because they’ve filled us with stories of dangerous animals. The South Island holds all the allure of down under, but, it’s also one of the best travel destinations you can visit. Filled with tropical forests that bloom during the winter months of November-December, you can find your little winter break over here.

Go exploring the forests, or find your space in one of the many areas where you can practice diving and surfing. The surfer culture is pretty strong here, giving you an option to try the sport, and catch some much-needed sun.

When you’re done, try the New Zealand beer, and enjoy some much needed time off from the clamor of the world in a local pub. You would also find like-minded individuals you can make friends with, and people who regularly go for hikes and treks across the rough terrain of the island, making this one of the little nooks where you can fully explore and express yourself.

5. Bahamas

BahamasThe Great Exuma has been at the center of many a controversy lately. However, it still holds its space as one of those unique places which you have to visit. Whether its finding swimming partners like the pigs at Norman Cay or finding someone in Greater Exuma to share a drink with, the Bahamas seem to occupy a separate planet as a whole. You can enjoy tropical cocktails while, looking out the vast azure seas, or try out various adventure sports which the Bahamas are known for.

Remember to take the time out to enjoy coastal feasts, and make friends. And finally, relax at some beach where no one will bother you.

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