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Four fun things to do this Spring in the UK

Four fun things to do this Spring in the UK
Photo by Cooper Le on Unsplash

Winter is over. The sun is once again upon us, so let’s go out and make the most of the much welcomed spring sun.


Below are just some of the things you can visit to keep yourself occupied in these upcoming months.

St. Patrick’s Day

Four fun things to do this Spring in the UK
Photo by Cooper Le on Unsplash

Considering its worldwide popularity, it is somewhat surprising that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a massive event in most of the UK. However, if you are close to Birmingham, then you should definitely check out their parade.

Traditionally, Birmingham has had one of the largest Irish communities in Britain, and, as such, they celebrate in style. The celebration, which sees 80,000 people lining the streets, is the third largest in the world.

To get a true feel of St. Patrick’s Day without having to leave the UK, Birmingham is the ideal location. With ideal transport links, you walk out of New Street Station and you are practically on the route, it is easily accessible for people from all over the country.

If you are free on March 15, then head to Birmingham and enjoy the party.


Horse Racing

Hoarse Racing
Photo by Whitney Combs on Unsplash

Spring is a bumper season for a horse racing. In March, you have the iconic Cheltenham Festival, which is arguably the most important event of the jump season calendar. The event often attracts upwards of 250,000 spectators, spread out across the four days.

It is not just Cheltenham that is taking place in the near future. You also have the world renowned Grand National in April. The most famous race in the world always draws a huge, vociferous crowd.

Going to the races is on a par with a wedding. You dress up nicely and proceed to get royally drunk. That alone is brilliant, but the action itself is also pulsating and makes for great viewing. You are screaming your lungs out, willing your horse to victory, and when your Cheltenham bets come in you will be in a state of euphoria. The races are a sporting event like no other. If you have been to the races before, then you will most probably be thinking about going again. If you haven’t, go and you’ll never look back.


Oxford vs. Cambridge Goat Race


Most of should be familiar with the annual Boat Race, but most of us will be unfamiliar with the Goat Race that runs in tandem.

The event sees goats named “Oxford” “&” “Cambridge” race in a similar fashion. Last year there were 1,000 people in attendance, cheering on their favoured goat. The fun antics at Spitalfields City Farm even has an on-site bookmaker. Crazy, isn’t it?

Seeing three goats race certainly sounds like good fun. For a silly and unique afternoon, head on down on April 11.

You won’t be surprised to know that there are plenty of other wacky and eccentric British days out available if goats don’t take your fancy!


This London expo gives you a look towards the future. Talks at the convention will look into the future of democracy, security, technology, our use of money, and the role of robots in the future.

Speakers include NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, Dark Wallet founder Amir Taaki and authors Jon Ronson and John Lancaster.

How much Snowden will be able to reveal is certainly going to be of interest. Just how big is the NSA’s spying scope, and with his lawyers trying to get him back into the United States, how much will he be able to reveal?

With some of the best minds in the industry speaking over two days you will be sure to find something of great interest.

Let us make the most of spring. It always seem that Britain gets the sun in spring rather than in summer, so get out there and live it to the full.