Home Travel Finding The Perfect Bedroom Set for Your Vacation or Hunting Cabin

Finding The Perfect Bedroom Set for Your Vacation or Hunting Cabin

Finding The Perfect Bedroom Set for Your Vacation or Hunting Cabin
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If you are lucky enough to have gotten a hunting cabin, vacation home, or lake house, your first order of business is to furnish the cabin so that it is ready to go when you want to use it. The bedrooms are the natural place to start because this is where you will probably spend the most time in the cabin if you are very outdoorsy. You want them to be comfortable and functional but not elaborate or complex. 

Buying a bedroom set for your cabin is much different from buying a bed set for your everyday home. Some of the same considerations apply – size, style, color, and other item details. But there are other things that you need to consider when buying furniture for a home that largely lies dormant. Keep in mind the following items when looking for bedroom furniture for your new hunting cabin.

Climate patterns for the region

Some furniture is simply not durable when left in the wrong climate. Wood that has not been treated for moisture can begin rotting within a year, left unattended in a humid climate. On the other hand, if you are in a primarily dry climate, rattan or resin wicker, bamboo, and other durable but lightweight materials will stand up against being left untended for long periods of time. 

Ultimately, the lesson here is to get a bedroom set appropriate for the region. You don’t have to worry about sun damage or wind damage, but you aren’t going to be heating and cooling the cabin when you’re not there. That means your bedroom furniture needs to stand up just as well as most outdoor furniture.

Easy to clean and maintain with or without laundry facilities

If you’re spending most of your time outdoors while staying in the cabin and cooking camp-like meals, you probably aren’t paying much attention to food, drinks, mud, etc., getting tracked inside. In fact, you probably expect your cabin furniture to take some abuse. Hopefully, the bedroom will be a bit tidier, but you still have to expect that the furniture might be treated roughly.

Furniture in the rustic style is, by its very nature, easy to clean and maintain on the fly, and it should be fairly durable. Leather and faux leather can be treated similarly, but there may be specific care instructions for faux fur and hides. It is best if you buy bedroom furniture of natural materials. What might ruin faux fur could be no issue at all with a real hide, depending on the type. Avoid fluffy furs in furniture, as your chances of salvaging it if there is an accident are pretty slim. It’s also a good idea to stay away from white and other colors that easily show dirt.

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Don’t stop with the master bedroom

Once your master bedroom is to your liking, it can be tempting to stop there. You can just throw a couple of sets of bunk beds in the other rooms. However, suppose you want your hunting or vacation cabin to be enjoyable for anyone you bring along. In that case, you should furnish the other bedrooms with matched and functional bedroom sets as well.

Not only will fully furnished bedrooms throughout the cabin make it truly functional, but it might also be more affordable than you think. If you know what is within your realm of possibility, check affordable prices! Bedroom sets are available in the rustic style at reasonable prices when you shop online.

If you have kids, design one of the bedrooms just for them. You can throw two sets of bunk beds in a kids’ room, but they won’t support adults. If you only have one additional bedroom and you need to house another adult on occasion, you might want to design the room with a kids’ bunk bed and a full-size bedroom set. 

Either way, you want to keep kids occupied as much as possible so that you can enjoy your vacation. There are several ways you can do this with the same pieces of furniture in a matched bedroom set. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint and place a nightstand against the wall with well-stocked with different colors of chalk and stencils. Another nightstand can be used to house blocks, matchbox cars, or additional art and craft supplies.

The new trend toward bedroom set media chests is also to your advantage. You can choose a bed set that includes a matched media chest to house a television, game consoles, etc. It will help keep the kids (and adults) occupied, with lots of drawer storage for games, videos, and other media. These media chests are designed with helpful cord management features that keep everything in place, so your electronics are protected against jostling.

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