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Facts about Cochin: Know before Traveling

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In Kerala, Cochin is a beautiful place well renowned for major ports and trades. The city is mainly known for its natural beauty. This place attracts thousands of tourists from beaches to backwater, hills, and forests each year. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this city and enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Many tourists from Dubai come to this place to take a break from their routine. If you are from Dubai, you can look for flights from DXB to COK to check the availability of dates. Cochin is enjoying the title of most-visited place in South India with time.

But are you aware that Cochin has many facts that most tourists still don’t know? Such compelling facts will increase your excitement to visit this city. Continue reading if you want to know about all such things.

India’s first European Church

This church is situated near the Cochin fort. The St. Francis Church was established in Portuguese duration in 1903. This is the oldest church in India. This is where the body of Vasco Da Gama was originally buried. 

However, after many years, his remains were shifted to Lisbon. Today this famous historical place is known for its excellent architectural work. Hence, while visiting Cochin, never forget to visit this ancient marvel place. 

See the Chinese fishing net.

Have you ever heard the name Cheenavala? These are big fishing nets generally used in China to catch fish on a large scale. Cochin is the only place outside China where you can see these nets. As per locals, these nets were introduced in Cochin by Chinese traders many years ago. Today these nets are grabbing the attention of many tourists visiting this place. 

Chinese fishing nets
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A city with three railway stations

In North India, it is common to see more than two railway stations, but not in Kerala. It is good to know that Cochin is the only city in Kerala state which contains three railway stations. The Ernakulam Junction is the largest and busiest railway station. It contains six platforms and 12 tracks. This railway station experiences 28,000 passengers a day. 

Get a chance to see the oldest Portuguese Houses.

Located near Fort Kochi, you can see the Vasco House, the oldest one in the country. As per history, Vasco de Gama stayed in this house during his visit to Cochin. Hence this place enjoys great historical importance. You can see European glass windows in the house with elegant verandahs. This house is a heaven for architecture lovers. Hence, if you are interested in ancient things, visit this place to feel the beauty. 

As per ancient travelers, Cochin is the most beautiful place to visit

Undoubtedly, Kochi is the most beautiful place to visit in India. It is a place full of a backwater, beach, ancient monuments, green hills, etc. Even though the city has taken the look of modern architecture with time, it is still retaining its natural charm. 

Many ancient travelers have described this place as the most beautiful one. In his travelogue, the famous Italian traveler Nicolas Conti mentioned that China is where you make money, and Cochin is where you spend it. 

Place of the longest lake

Vembanad Lake is India’s longest lake present in Cochin. Its length is around 97 km and covers an area of 2033 sq. km. Thousands of tourists every year come to Cochin to visit this lake and take a look at this natural beauty. You can be involved in many activities, from boating to lazing on the lake’s banks. The region gets lots of birds, hence a good destination for bird lovers. 

Queen of Arabian Sea

Unknown to many tourists, Cochin is also called Queen of the Arabian Sea because of its importance as a port city in ancient times. In the Mediaeval Period, Cochin was an important center for spice trading. The Cochin port has excellent connectivity with all other ports of the world. 

Image by Koonan Kurishu from Pixabay

Folklore Theatre and Museum

This is the most renowned tourist spot in Cochin. It comprises folk-tribal objects. This 3-story building was opened in 2009, and it shows Kerala’s legacy. The building has a very elegant architectural influence. The first floor of the building reflects the architectural style of Cochin. This implies you can see the traditional costumes of Kerala with ritual dance forms like Kathakali, Theyyam, etc. 

Kanjadalam means lotus petal. It is the name of the second floor. The entire floor is decorated with mural paintings. You can enjoy traditional stage plays at 6:30 pm. 

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

You can see a lush green place with a wide variety of birdlife in this busy metro city. An ecologically sensitive area near Kerala High Court is called “Kerala green lung.” This place is a natural bird sanctuary raised by the Arab Sea. This place is also a home of six mammalian species, including Indian flying fox, house rat, and palm squirrel. 

Pooyamkutty River

The river Pooyamkutty surrounded by woods makes this place ideal for a picnic. Pooyamkutty is a small town in Kerala, but its scenic beauty has made it a well-renowned place from a tourist point of view. 


This charming place is located 62kms from Kochi. Rolling mountains surround the place, and on the other side, it contains the Periyar River. Very few people are aware of the beauty of this place, but the spot receives many tourists every year. Tourists must remain careful while stepping in the river because of strong undercurrents. This place is ideal for film shooting, and one can see several monkeys enjoying the trees. 


This town is present in Ernakulam. The majority of its population remains engaged in agricultural and other farming activities. Pooyamkutty and Idamalayar surround this village. You can feel the untouched essence of Kerala at this place. 

So, are you planning to visit Cochin in 2022? These facts about Cochin will surely help you visit some of the picturesque places of this city.

Featured Image by K_Moser from Pixabay