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When Exercise Meets All-Butter Croissants: Get-Fit Holiday Escapes

For some reason holidays, profiteroles and croissants at breakfast are natural bedfellows. And so for many people looking to shape up and get fit, holidays are the enemy. All those long, lazy days with nothing to do except lounge around and stuff your face by the pool. It’s a recipe for disaster.

But now some enterprising individuals are looking for intelligent solutions to beat the holiday bulge. Why not combine your favourite holiday destination with some sort of fitness pursuit? Makes sense, right? Here we’re going to look at some of the best ways to get fit while on holiday. You won’t be whiling away the hours on these holidays. You’ll be working up a sweat and burning off those all-butter biscuits you’ve been eating at the hotel. Here are our favourite get fit retreats.

Get In The Saddle And Explore The Mountains Of Mallorca

Notice here how the aim is not to take you away from your precious Mallorca holiday. Instead, it’s to get you to see your visit to Mallorca in a slightly different light. Mallorca isn’t all about getting drunk and writing obscenities on each other’s foreheads. There’s an island to explore here, and it’s got more scope than just the local bars.

Mallorca is actually one of the finest places to go cycling in the world. It was here that Bradley Wiggins trained for the Olympics and the Tour de France before winning both. Mallorca is home to the Tramuntana mountains. They’re ideal for walking and cycling. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go at it like Wiggins. There are a variety of different difficulty levels, from gentle riverside routes to vertical treks. And you don’t have to explore the island by yourself if you don’t want. There are plenty of organised rides that make their way inland.

Muscle-Up In Devon, Like An Army Recruit

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When most people think of a holiday, they don’t imagine crawling through tunnels or scaling adventure courses. But there’s no denying that it’s an incredibly quick way to shed the fat and build muscle. That’s why you can now go on your very own boot camp holiday in Devon.

Now, before you run for the hills (literally), remember that you’ll probably not get another chance to go on boot camp all year. The camps are run by ex-military commanders. They start with an initial assessment of your fitness, as well as orientation. And then they build up training from there.

Participants will enjoy boxercise, long hikes and rope climbing, among other activities.

These camps also emphasise the value of nutrition. They want your week with them to be nothing like you experience at home. You’ll be fed a pathetic 1,300 calories a day – so be prepared to lose some weight. Needless to say, boot camp is not for the faint-hearted.

Tee Off In The Algarve

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For those wanting something a little less brutal, there’s always golf holidays in the Algarve. When it comes to golfing destinations, the Algarve is truly the leader of the pack. Here you get it all. There’s fantastic food, incredible sunshine, the Atlantic Ocean and the best golf courses in the world. It won’t disappoint. In fact, the Algarve has one of the highest densities of golf courses anywhere in the world. You’ll have more than thirty to choose from.

Remember, walking for an hour can burn up to 300 calories. So if you’re on the golf course from 10 am to 5 pm, you could burn a whopping 2,100 calories.

The best courses on offer include Sir Henry Cotton’s Championship Golf Course and the Quinta da Ria.

Mile-High Alpine Adventure Breaks

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Mountain running is among the very best ways to get fit. A low oxygen environment helps to make your body more efficient with the oxygen it does have. This, combined with cardiovascular training helps to bring you to your goals more quickly.

And where better to get out of low-Earth atmosphere than the beautiful Alps? There’s plenty on offer here when it comes to fitness breaks. There’s a programme called Adventures in the Alps. It’s run by a former national ski-team coach. And it revolved around exercises designed to shed weight, build fitness and boost metabolism.

But it’s not all hard work. Those enrolled on the programme get to enjoy a hot tub with a beautiful lakeside view. And they also can have fun kayaking, walking and swimming.

The Italian Dolomites: Fitness And Cuisine

For those of you who want to visit Italy and get fit at the same time, how about paying a visit to the Dolomites? Organisers here have built a programme intended to get even the most ardent couch potato fit. You’ll do boxercise – which is exhausting. And you’ll work on your running technique, improving your stride and efficiency. You’ll also do some focused breathing, to build your lung volume and to help you relax.

But Italian Dolomites holidays are Italian, meaning it’s not all work and no pleasure. In the evenings you’ll be treated to some of the finest cuisines that the country has to offer. Dolomite cuisine revolves around polenta, game meat and Tris di Canederli. Tris de Canederli are  rustic dumplings the size of tennis balls served in a soupy broth.

The region is exceptionally relevant. So you’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of your surroundings from 5,000 feet plus.

Energiser Holidays In The Isle Of Wight

If you’re a Paleo dieter, or sympathetic to it, you’ll love the Isle of Wight energiser holidays. These holidays are built around the idea that the human body should move in natural, organic ways. Here, you’ll combine natural movement with hunter-gathering activities. You will live like the stone age grunt you always wanted to be.

The meals on offer here redefine “back to basics.” You’ll get a steady diet of whole plant food and locally butchered animals.

The only different between the stone age and the modern energiser holidays is the knowledge on offer. You’ll get plenty of information to make sure that you learnt something while you were away.

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