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9 essential things to know before you visit Thailand


Traveling to a new country could be much of a learning process amidst varied cultures, languages, people, destinations and lifestyles. As you look for some interesting Thailand tour packages, it is important that you take a glance at travel tips for the same.

Thailand is undeniably a beautiful place to explore and attracts an increasing number of tourists every year. So that you can have happy experiences in the “Land of smiles, it would be great to have a little know-how of the place.

When you’re in Thailand…

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You should firstly know that Thailand is a place with the most modest people who adore good gestures. When you meet the locals it is important that you know what would be the best way to tackle them.

You need to be sure that you do not hurt anyone’s feelings. You need to maintain the modesty of a tourist after all and respect the new cultures and people.

Things to know before you visit Thailand

Here are some important things that you should consider while exploring this splendid country in Southeast Asia:

  1. Stay Modest

You would always find the locals here talking in lower voices and behaving soft. Getting angry, yelling at others or laughing horribly in public would create a bad impression. Even if you have something to complain about, maintain enough respect and then express yourself.

People here prefer proper etiquettes and you need to be sure that you maintain the same. Losing control over your mood may not be acceptable here. Following the lead of the locals would let you become a respectful traveler.

  1. Respect the Places of Worship and Religious Ceremonies

You again need to be careful about your gestures and etiquettes while exploring places if religious significance or attending any religious ceremonies. Women should pay attention to humble dress-up when visiting any temple, monasteries or mosques.

Also, at such places, donations are always appreciated. You may leave some in that case. You should religions, the way you do at your own place. Even if you do not know the right thing to be done, stand aside and wait for the procession to end.

  1. Modest Dress-Up

While traveling to different places, especially when it’s Thailand, dressing remains an important part to consider. In many of the areas here, exposing your chest/cleavage, belly and shoulders is considered rude.

Therefore, it would be better if you prefer wearing full sleeved T-shirts or shirts. Medium-length Capri pants or skirts would also go well. You may, however, select the fabric according to the weather that prevails. This would let you feel comfortable.

  1. Watch your feet

Shoes and feet are generally regarded to be dirt. Remember to take off your shoes before entering the temples or shrines. You should be careful about not pointing your feet at someone. Also, sitting with your legs stretched out towards a person or a shrine would not be considered good.

Also, be careful about the flowers that are kept as offerings, you should not step on to them. You will have to consider the way you manage your feet.

  1. Know the local economy

You should be aware of the current economy at the place with respect to the right prices of products and services. It is good to bargain sometimes, but that should be fair. You may end up insulting the seller by paying too less or bargaining too hard. Therefore, beware about it.

Avoid buying things from children or getting your work done by them. Also, do not offer them anything. This isn’t ethical; no matter in which part of the world you are. Children are supposed to be at schools and not laboring on the streets.

  1. Keep your hands under control

As you know the cultures here would be more modest than anywhere else in the world. You need to keep less with the touchy feel. It is not considered good to paw over the scarves and vegetables kept for display. The shopkeeper would select the best of them if you’re willing to buy.

Touching your partners or friends in public may not be considered good. So, be aware of your behavior. Wait for a person to offer their hand first, not everyone in the world has adopted handshakes. Do not use your left hand for handshakes eating or other considerable work.

  1. People aren’t tourist attractions

People performing their routines might seem to be really attractive to you. Maybe you’re going to get the best Instagram post. But remember that it’s not at all ethical. You may end up annoying the people by doing so. Even then if you really want to capture a person, it is better to first ask for their permission.

  1. Do not feed Monkeys

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During your explorations in Thailand, you would come across many-many monkeys on the beaches. Well, they may seem cute, clever and cool but this doesn’t mean you need to feed them. This would make them vulnerable in the wild.

They may also start associating people with food. With hope to find food, monkeys often steal bags, clothes and other things from people. Monkeys are wild animals and can hurt or cause you harm. Therefore, it’s better to avoid feeding them.

  1. Respect the King and Royal Family

As you continue exploring you’re likely to find the pictures and portraits of the king and the royal family at most places.  Be sure that you do not harm or mock at them in any way.

For the people, the King is the symbol of righteousness and their father figure. You should not talk anything negative about the royal family or the king. It’s a huge no. Doing things against this may lead you to trouble or would be considered rude.

Though there would be many more things that you can consider regarding this Thailand vacation. However, you can consider these points before getting to the place.

Along with the best Thailand tour packages, these considerations would also let you set out for excellent experiences.

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