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The Best Vacations For Water Lovers

Best Vacations For Water Lovers
Image by james3214 from Pixabay

The Best Vacations For Water Lovers

On such a beautiful planet that is 75% covered in water, it is no wonder that so many people are drawn to the lakes, oceans, and rivers. You may not even consider a holiday an actual vacation unless you get the chance to get wet as the Best Vacations for water lovers provide lasting memories. 

From underwater diving to sailing across the seas, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a water-themed vacation for those that can’t resist the pull of the deep blue waters. Even if you enjoy a variety of inland activities, the water’s attraction can be powerful when it’s something that you love.

Best Vacations For Water Lovers
Image by james3214 from Pixabay

The great news is that there is plenty of water to enjoy in all parts of the world. You could rent a boat equipped with Stryker T-Tops and cruise the great rivers of the U.S. or get your rod ready and head out for some deep-sea fishing in South Africa. The adventure possibilities are endless. We will take a look at a few of the best vacation ideas for water lovers that can be found anywhere in the world.


There is something so satisfying and primal in catching and cooking your meal in the wilderness. Those that love to fish often treat it like their religion. For true anglers, being able to dip your rod into the water wherever you may be is an opportunity that just can’t be missed. 

Don’t be afraid to try a variety of fishing styles to get the most out of your experience. It’s up to you to find out what kind of fishing that fits you the best. You may enjoy the quiet meditation of fishing small lakes and rivers. Or, you might be a slave to the excitement of deep-sea fishing where you can reel in the big prizes. 


There is no denying that the lakes, oceans, and seas are a vision to behold, but, many people are drawn to the hidden world that is under the surface. If you enjoy discovering the universe that exists under the seas, you should plan a vacation that includes an excellent scuba diving package.

The great thing about diving is that you can do it almost anywhere in the world across all seasons. You can take a trip to the Caribbean islands and tour the schools of tropical marine life during the day and relax along the pristine beaches in the evening. If you are up for a bit of adventure, you can scuba along the Great Barrier Reef or jump into the cold and go for a winter dive under the surface of a frozen lake. 

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

House Boat

What could be better for your water-themed vacation than renting a place that is actually on the water? With a houseboat, you have the chance to be surrounded by water, even as you sleep. You can cruise along a river or a series of lakes and enjoy all the conveniences of a regular home. 

Enjoy a romantic getaway, split the costs with a group of friends, and take off an adventure on the water. Most houseboats are equipped with working kitchens, bathrooms and can sleep more than four people. 


Since the Vikings age, people have been fascinated with getting out on the open seas and discovering what is on the next horizon. If you love the water and being surrounded by ocean currents and breezes, a cruising vacation might be perfect for you. Beware, most cruises offer such a large variety of activities on board it can be easy to forget that you are on the water at all.

A great benefit of cruising is the opportunity to visit more than just one port destination. You can enjoy land or sea excursions at every port and take advantage of the water sports available in the area.

White Water Rafting

If you are looking for a big adventure on the water, you should consider touring some of the world’s most beautiful river systems on a rafting tour. Seeing the world’s landscapes from the perspective of a water traveler is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Enjoy the views as you coast downriver through different terrains and geological wonders and get ready for the sudden speed and violence of the rapids. Your guide will help you safely navigate these swift waters while enjoying the thrill ride of your life on the river.

Best Vacations For Water Lovers

There is no point in booking a vacation that doesn’t incorporate the things that you love. If you have a love affair with the water, you may want to consider some of these great vacation ideas that put you right where you want to be. No matter what your destination, you can find a coast, a river, or a pristine lake to satisfy your love for the water.