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Best Road Trip Ideas to Check Out for Young Travelers

Best Road Trip Ideas to Check Out for Young Travelers
Photo by Roberto Nickson: https://www.pexels.com/

It’s great to have fun, and many people have different ways to pick up just to satisfy that goal. Some stick to gaming while others settle for movies, but there is one that is also great, like these two. It is traveling to a city and exploring the different locations in that area, and it’s a plus. You don’t just travel around but also get to see new places while having fun with your friends simultaneously. However, one problem that will likely come up is the issue of the location to visit during your drive. Here are some road trip ideas you should consider before concluding your trip planning with your friends.

Best Road Trip Ideas You Should Check Out

You now know the best travel times, so here are some of the best road trip ideas to consider:

Blue Ridge Parkway

If you love colorful road trips and smoky mountains, you will definitely love the blue ridge parkway in Virginia. It is a location where you don’t get to see commercial tows and billboards making it quite a sight. The low-speed limit of 45MpH gives you the thrill of enjoying the scenery for over 75KM while driving. It’s a blissful car trip for people who love mountain terrains which means it’s an ace if that is you. The best car for trips like this would be a sports car, but other vehicles can suffice on the road. You get to experience different scenery if you go between late September and October compared to May and June.

Red Roc Country

The red roc country in Arizona is one of the road trip ideas that give you a break from greens. One reason is the environment fewer greens and more reds in this desert-like terrain, similar to its name. It’s a scenery that makes you wonder if someone summoned a part of mars to earth with the red mountains. You get to see some rock formations with the red color which stand tall like skyscrapers you find in cities. It’s a straight journey that lasts over 145 miles giving you enough time to digest the scenery. You shouldn’t forget the deadline for your car rental in Seattle because you might get too invested in this trip.

Outer Banks

Outer Bank NC
Image by mschiffm from Pixabay

Sometimes you might not love the dry or green areas since it doesn’t feel different to you. A change of scenery will be to visit somewhere that is pretty wet or with a lot of water around. One road trip idea that comes to mind is the Outer Banks that exist right here in North Carolina. It has various things to feed your eyes, from fishing villages to beach sands and hotels. The outer banks are a tourist location and are a car trip to enjoy your Seattle car rental. Enjoy your time on this beautiful beach as you feel the cool sea breeze and the white sands.

Brandywine Valley

The Brandywine Valley is another roadside scenery that you should include in your road trip ideas. It is a route filled with beauty between Delaware and Pennsylvania with lots of greens and a stream. The journey is short since it’s just a 19-mile car trip, but it’s worth your car rental in Seattle. Your best car rental to consider for this trip will be a mini passenger van for you and your friends. Enjoy the short drive as you live out one of your road trip ideas while having fun with others.

Why You Need Proper Planning for Road Trip Ideas

Thinking up road trip ideas is pretty easy but might be hard for many people depending on their exposure level. Different views and options flow through your head, ranging from locations to plans o getting a car and driving it. You will need to plan ahead, especially if you and everyone going on the trip are below 25. You can consider a Seattle car rental under 25 to secure a vehicle for the journey. Getting a car rental under 25 Seattle takes a lengthy process, so you need proper planning. You should also consider every other detail that goes into your trip to avoid issues later during the journey.

What Time Is Best to Implement Your Road Trip Ideas into Reality

Implementing your ideas into reality is simply going on the trip you have planned for yourself or your friends. Your road trip ideas will remain ideas if you don’t travel as you plan them, so you need to begin. However, not every season holds the best time for you to go on road trips since it might get uncomfortable. The best time for you to kick off the results of your trip planning is the off-peak season. These seasons are fall and spring since it gives you favorable temperatures, so you can enjoy your car trip.


You have four of the best road trip ideas you can consider for your trip planning and friends. You should align your car trip adequately since it is about ideas and other things. One is getting your car rental in Seattle, especially if you are someone who is under 25 in the US. Getting one is not so hard, and you can check out some cars for rent while planning your trip.

Featured Photo by Roberto Nickson: https://www.pexels.com/