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Best Dating Spots in Montreal

When most people think of the booming tourism industry, rarely do they think of Canada. However, despite the fact that the country is rarely associated with tourism or romance, Canada has quite a booming tourism industry. Gorgeous natural landscapes are the main attraction; however, once you get past the Rockies, you will be introduced to a number of high-quality restaurants, grandiose casinos, dance-the-night-away nightclubs, and a plethora of charming pubs and bars, all of which are fabulous for  Dating Spots in Montreal (or just a friendly night out, depending). 

Among the various cities that garner heavy tourism in Canada, Montreal is one of the most popular, along with Vancouver and Quebec City. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of the best Dating Spots in Montreal, not just for tourists but also for love-struck Canadians as well. Let’s take a look. 

Casino de Montreal

The Montreal Casino, or Casino de Montreal as it is called, is not just one of Montreal’s best casinos but one of Canada’s greatest. With games ranging from blackjack, poker, and the likes to slots and roulette. The casino is located in the Ville-Marie borough and is the largest in the country. Apart from the plethora of games that you will get to experience, the Casino de Montreal offers a splendid bar with some of the best cocktails you can imagine and a buffet with delectably prepared meals. 

Of course, if you and your partner are not fans of casinos but still enjoy the thrill of gambling, the Casumo online casino will provide you with all the adrenaline you will want. After all, a date night can be just pizza, a couple of beers, and a friendly game of online poker with strangers. 

Morgan Arboretum

For a pair of nature lovers, you can’t get a much better date than a visit to the Morgan Arboretum. Over 600 acres of forest are located on the campus of one of Montreal’s most prestigious universities, the McGill University. 

The Arboretum is home to over 40 species of trees, the most famous of which are the American Beech, the Black Cherry, the Butternut, and the Sugar Maple. Bird-watching is one of the most popular hobbies around the world, and the Morgan Arboretum is certainly a haven for bird-watchers, with over 170 different species of both migratory and overwintering birds. Animal lovers, in general, will have a great time, as apart from birds, the reserve is home to all kinds of reptiles and amphibians and over 30 species of mammals. 

While a bit unorthodox, the Arboretum is a fabulous place to go for a second date once you’ve gotten to know each other and are certain that both of you will enjoy a hike through some of the natural beauties that Canada has to offer. 


So far, we’ve discussed a few places to go with an established partner, but what about a first date? There is little doubt that Pamplemousse might just be the best place for the first date experience in all of Montreal. A quaint, old-school tavern with a modern twist, the Pamplemousse is a comfortable, quiet, and lovely place to get to know your prospective partner. 

Serving a range of the best wines, beers, and liqueurs that Canada has to offer, as well as lovely meals that cater to most dietary preferences, the Pamplemousse is certainly one of Montreal’s best dating spots. 

Dating Spots in Montreal Conclusion

We hope that this shortlist of some of Montreal’s best dating spots has been helpful and that it will be of use the next time you plan a date with the partner of your dreams. 

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