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8 Things to Love About Havana, Cuba

8 Things to Love About Havana, Cuba
Image by SweetMellowChill from Pixabay

Although Cuba is a country that many Americans have never visited, it is nonetheless one that offers some of the most musical and colorful tourism in the world. One city that is particularly special and worth a visit is Havana. As the nation’s capital and home to millions of Cuban inhabitants, Havana is a magical place to spend a week.

If you are one of the lucky United States citizens who can qualify for a trip to this beautiful destination, you may not realize just how must Havana has to offer. As such, it can be useful to do some research before your arrival. In addition to brushing up on your Spanish, check out these eight other things to love about Havana, Cuba. 

1. The Music

Without a doubt, one of the first things you will notice when you step into the streets is the sounds of lively guitars and salsa music blasting through the air from different directions. If it is quiet where you are standing, keep strolling for a few blocks. Havana is also great for exploring.

2. The Drinks

While you are walking around the city and finding all of the sidewalk music to enjoy, be sure to make time for a drink… or three. From the world-famous Cuba Libre to an irresistible mojito made with some of Cuba’s finest rum, you will find outstanding mixed favorites for an insanely low price. 

3. The Colors

Another thing that will surely grab your attention around Havana is the vibrant colors found in murals, homes, and businesses nearly everywhere you go. In addition, many of the traditional clothing styles also contain bright and attractive colors. It makes the city feel alive in a unique way.

4. The Food

While popular Cuban cuisine may be simpler than many other beloved dishes around the world, that does not make it any less tasty. As you tour all the drinks and colors the city has to offer, make sure to keep a full stomach so you can keep your wits. Try one of the many delicious patio restaurants!

Enjoy the food in Havana
Image by Vasilij Ratej from Pixabay

5. The People

Another top reason to love Havana is that it has less to do with buildings and nutrition and more to do with the heart of what makes the city everything it is: the people. Coming from every walk of life and having a variety of passions and interests, Havana’s citizens are very welcoming to visitors.

6. The Architecture 

Because Havana is an old city, many of the buildings there show a fascinating culture and history that is a photographer’s dream. There is no shortage of incredible designs, from the gorgeous Capitol Building dome to the luxurious modern hotels and the 200-year-old historic hotels. 

7. The Art

If you appreciate local art, then Havana is the place to go. In a bustling city with countless artists, thousands of vendors set up spots to sell their art every day. There are many unique options, from huge paintings with fine details to interesting woodwork and interesting puzzles. In many ways, this is a better alternative to shopping at a hotel gift shop. Most items are super affordable, and by buying souvenirs from locals, you can support independent entrepreneurship. 

8. The Views

Besides having spectacular architecture, Havana also has some phenomenal views in general. Havana is a place where you can capture amazing photos, from the breathtaking sunsets by the Malecón along the sea to the glittering city lights that dance across the sky at night. Just remember to respect the locals when you are clicking away at your camera’s shutter button.

Only a 45-minute flight from Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale airport, Havana is 100% worth a visit if you ever have the opportunity to go. Here is to exploring!

Featured Image by SweetMellowChill from Pixabay