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5 Things Every Stylish Gentleman Needs When Travelling

No matter whether you are flying out on a holiday or meeting with clients on your travels, every stylish gentleman has specific needs to keep himself looking his best at all times. It’s important to bear in mind that being stylish is a way of life so these are things you should have at all times so that you are ready to travel at any given moment. Not only does this eliminate the stress of getting ready to leave but you are assured you will look as good in-flight, on trains and on the other end as you do at this very moment at home. Here’s what you need.

1. Sturdy Yet Classy Luggage


Most often we fly or take a train when doing any amount of travelling and so it is vital to keep sturdy yet classy luggage on hand ready to be packed at the drop of a hat. Along with a suitcase such as one from the Classic Flight collection by Rimowa, you need to make sure you have legible identification tags in the event that you and your luggage get separated. Although rare, these things do happen especially when flights are diverted due to bad weather, so these are a must have for added protection.

2. Comfortable Slip on Shoes

When travelling, especially in small seats on a plane or train, who has room to bend down in order to tie or untie his shoes? Slip-ons are perfect for travelling but stylish enough to bring out the gentleman in you that is part of your trademark. Keep several pair on hand so that you have colours to match all your suits and speaking of suits, keep a good belt on hand because you can use it as a shoe horn if the need arises!

3. Shaving Kit


What gentleman would leave home for more than a day without his shaving kit? Why not keep new razors and soaps on hand in a travel bag ready to go at the drop of a hat? Keep your deodorant, shampoos, soaps and any scented sprays packed in this bag so that you only need to pick it up when ready to leave.

4. Stylish Designer Sunglasses

Both in winter and summer months, good quality sunglasses are a must when travelling. Light shining off snow or direct UV rays in the summer can damage your eyes but can also give you those horrid frown lines from squinting. What gentleman walks around squinting all day? Make sure your shades are polarized and you are good to go,

5. Emergency Kit


Finally, bring an emergency kit with you that contains any medicines or other ‘essentials’ you might require along the way. Some countries don’t have handy pharmacists on corners of the city so if you are likely to need antacids or even aspirins, keep them along with a few plasters and antibiotic cream in your emergency kit.

So there you have the five things every stylish gentleman needs when travelling. Not planning a trip at the moment? Even better! This gives you time to gather all the things you need to make your next trip a huge success.

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