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5 Not to Miss Attractions in Lonavala

Kune Falls
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Lonavala is that place which you just can’t stop dreaming of. So, if you have not visited Lonavala yet, you are missing out on your sweet dreams terribly because until and unless you take a look at what lies hidden in the bosom of the mountains of the Sahyadri Range, you would not believe your eyes. So, the next time you think of setting out on a weekend trip with your family and friends for some real fun, make sure that you book your stay at a place that is usually filled with tourists all year round. However, don’t worry about getting a room because the websites like Yatra would definitely help you out. So, plan your trip carefully and definitely take out enough time to visit these top 5 places in Lonavala that not a single soul should miss.

Tiger’s Point – The Trekkers’ Paradise: If trekking is your life and reaching the top of the world is your dream, then you can take a tiny step towards looking at the world from the enchanted bird’s eye view as you reach the Tiger Point. This hilltop is shaped in the form of a leaping tiger naturally because of which the locals have revered this hilltop as the Tiger Leap. As you look into the distant horizon from this point, the greenery all around will soothe your eyes and will make you feel fresh and serene.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Karla Caves – The Confluence of Man and Nature: When you drop by at the Karla Caves, you will definitely get the shock of your life as you feel your eyes leaping out of your eye sockets to register what you are actually This majestic cave is so intricately carved out that you would feel like only the Supreme Being could have carved out this enormous cave structure. However, as you climb the 300 steep steps, the intricate craftsmanship of mankind will clearly come into the display and will make you wonder how talented man was even as early as 80 B.C.

Lion’s Point – The Apple of the Eye in Lonavala: When the strong winds blow to slower your steps, and you still fight against the might of the wind to visit the Lion’s Point, your steps are indeed given When you reach this much talked about place in Lonavala, your effort does not go in vain as the breathtaking sight of flora and fauna of this region captivates your heart.

Bhaja Caves – An Unbelievable Natural Wonder: The 2200 years old Buddhist place of abode which is the oldest structure in this region is none other than the Bhaja Caves in Lonavala. This place has been carved out by cutting the rocks intricately to carve out 22 caves that stand strong and steady even today. The entrance to this cave situated facing the West is the perfect place where you should sip a cup of hot tea while watching the sun playing hide-and-seek amidst the ruffling leaves on the nearby trees and going down eventually to let Twilight prevail.

Kune Falls – The Cascading Beauty: And, after visiting these places when you want to have some real fun and fool around a little, the Kune Falls would be ever waiting to embrace your company. As the gurgling waters rush down to pretend to engulf you in its arms, you can pose like you are the most beautiful lady or the most handsome gentleman in the world so that you can take back fond memories of this place.

So, when you book a stay at one of the 3-star hotels in Lonavala, make a list of all the places that you would like to visit once you reach Lonavala. Moreover, don’t forget to include these five attractions on your list even if you have visited them before. Have a great trip!

Featured Image by TravelAdvisor from Pixabay