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5 Luxury Experiences in the Caribbean

When you are planning to take Caribbean luxury vacations, then one part of the organization is where you stay.  There are some amazing resorts and rental properties that can make for a dream holiday.  But the other part of organizing the luxury experience is what you do while you are there.  So here are some ideas of luxury experiences that the Caribbean has to offer visitors.

Volunteer for turtle monitoring

One of the big conservation projects taking place around the cinvolves the leatherback sea turtles and the change to volunteer for the program is a great way toc combine vacation with something satisfying.  The project has a number of outreach programs, particularly on Grenada that take place between February to August and involve volunteers looking for nesting sites during night patrol, helping to tag females, collect data on the shells of the animals and also watching them, including diving on coral reefs.

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Visit a sugar plantation

St Lucia is like many of the islands and has a strong history in the sugar trade.  To see this first hand, you can visit the Rabot Estate, 140 acres in size and in the south west of the island.  It is now the place where the quality chocolate manufacturers Hotel Chocolat grow their rare strains of cocoa and is a chance to see the whole process.  The estate is in the process of adding manufacturing facilities, all staffed by local people and building the economy of the island as well as creating a mouth-watering tourist attraction.

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Horse riding in Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the classic locations to visit when you go to Jamaica but the chance to see the place on horseback is an unmissable experience, especially if you are visiting with the family.  There are a number of companies offering horse rides around the Bay and are suitable for beginners as well as experienced horse riders.  The trips are taken with guides who offer their local knowledge on the history and sites of the area.

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Rum tasting experience

In terms of the cuisine of the Caribbean islands, rum is a central part and the chance to try authentic Caribbean rums is definitely a hit for anyone who enjoys the spirit.  There are options including rum experiences and also special events such as the Rum Bahamas that takes place in February and the Barbados Food and Wine and Rum Festival in November.  You can also combine rum and chocolate with the Chocolate Festival in Grenada that takes place in May.

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Learn about local produce

For food fans, the chance to learn and sample local produce is a great opportunity and Hermitage Bay in Antigua is a notable place to do this.  There are farm tours around the location that is a family run venture growing tropical produce.  Learn about the growing and harvest process as well as enjoy the chance to sample some of the freshest food and vegetables while understanding what makes Caribbean cuisine so unique – and so very tasty!

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