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5 Effective Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Long Road Trip

5 Effective Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Long Road Trip
Image by Deniz Hoşbaş from Pixabay

A long road trip is a fantastic way to bond with the family. It’s convenient because you control everything, from the time you will spend on the journey, to the activities you will do, and the places you will visit. The challenge is if you have toddlers with you. They might get bored and throw tantrums that could ruin the experience. However, there are things that you can do to keep them occupied in the long ride and avoid the said concerns. Here are some of them.

Bring toys they can play with

Kids love toys. Wherever they are, these are things that will keep them busy. Ask them to choose their favorite toys to ensure that they will enjoy playing with them while on the trip. If your kids love animals and have animal figure toys, get them a Playmobil Zoo to complete their set. It’s an enclosure toy that will match their animal toys, and it’s affordable, so it will be within budget.

Carry some art materials too

Aside from playing with toys, another sure thing that will keep your little ones entertained and busy are art materials. They love drawing and coloring, bringing along coloring materials, pencils, papers, and coloring books. To make it easier for them to color and draw while in the car, bring foldable lap desks that they can use. Conveniently fold them when they are done with their art activity, and easily set them again when they wish to do art.

Pack their favorite snacks

Snacks for travel
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Hungry toddlers are a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to spend the drive with screaming children. Prepare their favorite snacks, and make sure there is enough to last the trip. Don’t forget their drinks too, as they will get thirsty after some munching. If you are feeling creative, make the snacks fun by designing them. That extra effort will be a bonus, as the kids will have more fun eating those adorable snacks.

Prepare games the family can play in the car

Just because you are in the car doesn’t mean that you can’t play games, as there are fun car games that the kids and the entire family can enjoy. A popular car game that you can play is the name game. Choose a category and give a letter in which the answer should start with. For example, the category can be a celebrity whose name starts with the letter “A.” A scavenger hunt is also possible. Create a list of things that they need to find while in the car, and they can remove things from the checklist when they spot them.

Download movies to keep them entertained

Play their favorite movies if you have data. You may also download their favorite movies to be sure that they can keep watching in case you run out of data, or you reach a spot with poor coverage.

A road trip with toddlers doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can be a memorable and fun journey together, as long as you know how to keep them entertained.

Featured Image by Deniz Hoşbaş from Pixabay