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The Best Family Activities on a Budget

Family Activities
Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash

The Best Family Activities on a Budget

Having a day out with the family shouldn’t have to be expensive. After all, the main idea of doing so is to spend quality time with one another, which can be difficult when battling a busy schedule.  Let’s explore the best family activities on a budget

If you’re on a budget, it can be challenging to know how to entertain the kids after being inundated with photos and videos of costly theme parks and adventure days that could set you back more than a day’s wage. 

By taking a read of this blog, you’ll discover some great family activity ideas that are either extremely cheap or free of charge!

Family Activities
Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash

Spend time in the backyard

There’s no better way of making the most of the outdoors than to enjoy your backyard, and the excellent news is it won’t cost you a thing. Here are just a few activities to keep in mind:

  • Have your own paintball-like competition with a toy water bead blaster
  • Have a gardening day
  • Hold a scavenger hunt
  • Build a swing 
  • Have a water fight
  • Build a cozy den

Check out what your local council has to offer

You may be surprised to learn that your local area should have a variety of family-friendly and kids activities that are run by the local council. By browsing online, you’ll find lots of useful information on parks, free sports, and even libraries in the neighborhood, all of which will make great past times during their summer vacation or on weekends.


Walking is the perfect way to spend quality time together as a family (especially if you have a dog). Not only will the fresh air be beneficial, but it also gives you a chance to catch up after simply crossing paths throughout the working week.

If you have little ones, there are plenty of ways to keep them entertained while on your trek, from allowing them to take photos, climbing trees, and searching for wildlife.


Eating out can be extremely expensive when you’re a family of four or five, so you may avoid going to restaurants if you’re looking to cut back on spending.

However, this doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy a night off from cooking. It would always be worth keeping an eye out for deals and offers online if you’re intending on visiting a restaurant for a special occasion or researching the cheapest eateries when planning a day trip. As the capital of the U.S, Washington D.C is one of the most expensive states to dine out, but charlie has done the hard work for you by providing an extensive list of some of the best cheap eats in the country.

Make a movie

Best Family Activities on a Budget - Make a Movie
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Young kids will be entertained at the prospect of making a movie. All you need is a camera or cell phone and a sprinkling of imagination! It’s sure to become a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

Research a Family History

Researching family history can be an incredibly fulfilling undertaking. You get to meet relatives from the past, learn your roots, and discover fascinating stories that culminate in you being where you are. However, the task of ancestry mapping can be a daunting one. The sheer magnitude of the information you need to piece together can be overwhelming, or sometimes you may just not know where to begin. So here are ten tips to help you along

Let the kids take center stage, and the adults can have a few walk-on roles or be the narrator of the story. You’ll spend hours coming up with fun ideas and throwing together costumes and props to bring your short movie to life.