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Where to Buy Cheap Ink Cartridges for Canon

Where to Buy Cheap Ink Cartridges for Canon
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If you want to slash how much you spend on printing, consider alternatives to the original inkjet supplies. Canon ink cartridges are expensive, but you do not have to stick to name-brand products. Discover the best ways to buy ink for less.

Independent brands produce supplies for all popular printer models. For example, you can find all you need, including Canon 280, 281 XXL, at the Smart Ink store and save on every replacement. These compatible ink cartridges provide excellent quality printing, so why does this price disparity exist?

R&D or Greed?  

Big printer brands have long been suspected of using the same business model as razor manufacturers. It involves cheaper one-time purchases and expensive consumable supplies. This explains why an inkjet printer under $100 may require new ink that costs almost as much. The brands capitalize on the supplies, while some printers are sold at a loss. 

The Alternatives

Rather than buying an original cartridge every time, you can find more economical and sustainable products. Despite all of their legal efforts, big brands have failed to outlaw these third-party options. They include compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured ones.

Remanufactured Products

Independent providers clean and refill original ink cartridges. They disassemble and assemble them meticulously, replacing any internal elements if they are worn. This process is known as remanufacturing, rather than taking your old product to a service provider (which is still possible).

This means you will get an original cartridge with fresh ink that is also more affordable. The quality depends on the supplier, so look for a trusted provider with a positive reputation, an extensive warranty, and certified quality. Buy from official websites only. Some suppliers also sell their products on Amazon. 

Remanufactured products are perfectly reliable, as the professionals test them thoroughly at every stage. If any of the internal components need changing, it is replaced. At the same time, since the same shell is used with different ink, the price is much more attractive than the cost of OEM products.

Compatible Ink Cartridges

The same company may offer another product category — ink cartridges designed from scratch. These products of third-party manufacturers suit particular models, and they may provide the same print quality with additional benefits, such as XL volume. Choose products with:

  • certified quality,
  • the latest version of the chip (to ensure instant recognition),
  • ink level tracking (for some models),
  • 2-year warranty,
  • free shipping, and
  • sustainability of production.
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How to Choose a Store

Do not snatch the first deal you see on the internet. Research the background of the provider using different sources. Consider feedback on websites like Trustpilot. Make sure the company delivers on its promises. There are quite a few fly-by-night companies, as the demand for these alternative products is so high. 

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