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Latest Victorinox Luggage Innovations for Your Next Trip

When you mention Victorinox Luggage, one of two products is most likely to come to mind – Swiss army knife or kitchen knives.  The company has been producing high quality knives for some 130 years and continues to make some of the best available.  But the brand has also diversified and now offer a much wider range of products for customers including their new travel gear range, the Etherius Gradient Collection.

Who is Victorinox?

Victorinox was the creation of a man called Karl Elsener.  Back in 1884, he opened a cutler’s workshop in Ibach-Schwyz in Switzerland.  This was a time when the country was far less prosperous than today and poverty and unemployment was a major problem.  In 1891, he sold his first soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army – creating the product we today known as the Victorinox Swiss Army knife.  This iconic knife would be the foundation of the brand.

Today, the company offer a wide range of products from their Swiss army knife ranges to household and professional knives, watches and even fragrances.  The latest addition to the collection is the travel gear range and the new Etherius Gradient collection.

Etherius collection

As with all of their products, the aim of the new range is to offer high quality and functional solutions to common problems.  In this case, creating travel gear that is strong and easy to use, looks stylish and is extremely practical.  This led to the Etherius collection.

The range is available in three sizes – large, medium and global carry on – featuring the stylish gradient look that is created with an advanced technique of film application.  This effect is achieved with a colored film that is applied to the tough material before the shell is even formed.  Over time, this film becomes part of the polycarbonate and makes the pattern extremely resistant across the whole case.

The cases have a comfort group and one-touch system with a dual-trolley aluminum handle system that can lock into multiple positions so you are always comfortable.  There is also a top handle and four premium quality Hinomoto wheels.

Inside the 100% pure polycarbonate cases are a zippered expansion system, Y-shaped compression straps to help hold everything in place and zippered divider walls.  Each is extra strong and extra light to ensure your belongings are protected while making them easy to move around inside the airport and on the trip to it.

Growing product range – Victorinox Luggage

The new Etherius collection is the latest in the travel gear range now offered by Victorinox that includes briefcases, backpacks and messenger bags as well as duffel bags and totes.  There are even wallets and other travel accessories to ensure everything you take with you is strong, easy to use and always looks stylish.

Victorinox provided this item for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.