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Top Wireless Musical Quality – JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 750NC

JBL Headphones
Photo by Ayrus Hill on Unsplash

One of the biggest things with modern headphones is the combination of wireless technology and high-quality sound.  The best headphones have the perfect balance of both top wireless musical quality and this is the motivation behind the creation of the JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 750NC.  But what do these new headphones offer for the music fan?

JBL Headphones
Photo by Ayrus Hill on Unsplash

The sound quality

In creating the JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 750NC, the aim was to offer comfort and style but most importantly top sound quality.  Whether you like classical music, hard rock or something easy, you want to have the best possible sound quality and with the Legendary JBL Pro Audio Sound working within them, these headphones can offer this.

The headphones also use the TruNote Auto Sound Calibration.  This clever technology calibrates the audio performance based on the ear cup fit, meaning that you get the best possible sound based on your physical ear shape.  This offers an amazing level of sound quality that is unique to you.

The technical stuff

In addition to top quality sound, the JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 750NC also offers a number of features that users have come to expect from top quality headphones.  For starters, they use Bluetooth connectivity to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device including smartphones and tablets.  They can even pair with a desktop computer for home use.

Another benefit of the headphones is that they use Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology.  This means you only hear what you are listening to with majority of the surrounding noise being cancelled out.  No more travelling on a busy bus or train and hearing the buzz of conversation drowning out your music due to this helpful feature.

Battery life and storage

Battery life is always a concern when buying any wireless device and the JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 750NC were created with an awareness that most people take headphones to work or college and bring them home at night.  That’s why it has a 15 hour battery and a quick recharge in just three hours.  This means you can wear them during your commute, during your lunch hour and other times then put them on charge overnight to be ready for the next morning.

What about when you aren’t wearing them?  JBL has also considered that headphones are at their most vulnerable when stored and have made the Everest Elite with a flat fold design.  They come with a carry case that they fold into flat and are easy to slip into a bag, backpack or locker until you need them again.  With no wires and no parts sticking out, there’s little chance of them being damaged.

Top Wireless Musical Quality Headphones

These headphones were designed to be top quality wireless headphones that offered the right blend of features for most users.  And JBL has done a good job of achieving this aim.  With their customized, comfort fit, use of technology for sound quality and noise cancelling and lightweight, easy to store design, these headphones are a great way to enjoy music on the move.  And there are even three stylish colors to choose from!

JBL provided the JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 750NC for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.