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Top Technology Gifts for the Men

Technology Gifts for the Men

Holiday shopping can pose a serious challenge, particularly when thinking of the men in your life. Whether it’s your husband, brother, best friend, dad, or son, shopping for the guys you love can leave you stumped. The simplest solution? Go for technology gifts. There’s a whole host of great ideas guys will go wild over this holiday season. We’ve got the top technology gifts for men sure to make everyone on your shopping list very, very happy.

PS4 Headset

PS4 Headset

For guys that like to spend a lot of quality time with their gaming consoles, a PS4 headset is essential. Nothing ruins a gaming experience quite like subpar audio or a microphone that keeps cutting out. You won’t have to worry about any of that with a quality PS4 headset. The ones from Turtle Beach are some of the most coveted among gamers; they provide flawless audio, crystal-clear microphone quality, and comfort that can’t be beat. They’re even designed for those who wear glasses, so every gamer can maximize their experience with minimal discomfort.

Digital Turntable

Music lovers, rejoice! A digital turntable is a dream come true for the vinyl fan in your life. This model from Audio Technica plays every type of record you can imagine, and provides a rich sound that will be music to any fan’s ears. It comes equipped with a USB cable too, so users can upload their record collections for security, or to take them on the go. Anyone with a penchant for music (and an interest in vinyl) will love a chance to play with this turntable.

USB Charging Station

Everyone has a ton of different devices these day. Keeping them all charged and organized can be a total hassle. For the digital fan in your life, grab a USB charging station. They can simultaneously charge up to seven different devices at once, and keeps them all neatly arranged. Your guy will be able to grab the device of his choice and go, knowing everything is fully charged and ready for use.


It’s hard to beat the fun of a drone, and tech enthusiasts are clamoring for these super-cool gadgets. The Tomahawk is a great starter drone; it’s reasonably priced, but still sturdy and with tons of cool features. It’s fast and agile, and can go on flights of over 15 minutes in length. It’s equipped with a high-quality camera so you’ll have a bird’s eye view at all times. No matter their age, a drone is the perfect gift for the tech fan who enjoys some fun in his life.

Smart Suitcase

Travel has never been so good, thanks to the new breed of smart suitcases. Whether traveling for business of vacation, guys will love the variety of features and comfort these sleek bags provide. The best models come with GPS service (so you never have to worry about lost luggage again), ultra-durable wheels so your bag can handle any terrain, and unbreakable exteriors. There’s a battery so that users can charge their devices on the go, and never have to fight for an unoccupied airport outlet again. Make sure to get an option with an ejectable battery, as those without aren’t permitted on certain airlines.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

Photography enthusiasts grapple between digital and film images. With this gift choice, they won’t have to. Polaroid has combined the best of both worlds into one cool device: a camera that uses film and can take digital images. It has Bluetooth capabilities as well, so even if the user opts for film they can still edit their images online. It’s the perfect mix of classic nostalgia and cutting-edge technology in one powerful little package. New photographers will love exploring the difference between film and digital images, while the more experienced will be wowed by the variety of fun features.

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