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The Intelligent Bachelor Pad

Smart Home
Image by Pixaline from Pixabay

Imagine walking into a room, and the room knows it’s you.
Not just anyone, but you. Then the room responds with your preferences: Lighting, temperature, and your favorite music at just the right level. Welcome to the intelligent home. Or, if you like, welcome to the intelligent bachelor pad.

Smart Home
Image by Pixaline from Pixabay

When most of us think “smart home,” we are tempted to think of the various smart devices in the home, each doing its own task, often very well, and each with its own app vying for attention on our phone. But these smart devices are likely not all communicating with each other, and we can end up with application overload. The Internet of Things? IoT? Often, it’s more like “islands of things.” Individually they are smart, but until they are truly connected, they are not living up to the promise of the intelligent bachelor pad.

This is the role of the home control and automation system: tying all the home technologies (“sub-systems” as the home technology pros might say) together you can access them by a single app on the phone, or a dedicated remote or touch-screen. Let’s use one as an example – the ELAN control system.

The room knows it’s me, isn’t that the neatest concept?
Let’s go back to that room, you walk into it, and it knows you. But how? It’s the face recognition built into the camera in the ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel. When it recognizes you, it enables settings personalized to your preference. More likely, you’ll have it set to provide a short menu of your favorite commands. Is your fiancé or best friend a frequent visitor? The ELAN system can also recognize them and present a set of their favorites (music, TV, lighting, etc.). The key is personalization. The system is not randomly trying to recognize faces; it’s a tool you use to personalize the system for different household members, and it sets up reasonably similar to using face recognition to unlock your phone. In other words, it’s effortless to set up.

Smart Home App
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Personalized. Convenient.
Ultimately, the intelligent home is all about personalization and convenience. For example, pressing a light switch not only sets the lighting, but can lower the shades, turn on an audio zone, and select your favorite audio source to play in that zone. Zone? Think of it as a “room” of audio. Let’s say you have a football game playing on the living room TV. You’ll probably want the game audio also to be playing. But in the kitchen or master bedroom perhaps you just want music playing. That’s easy; each of these is a zone that can operate independently or together. It’s personalized for you.

Do you have four remotes in your media room? Lots of us do. ELAN lets you consolidate to a single simple – and elegant – remote. Press the “movie” button, and the monitor turns on, the lights dim, shades go down, surround sound system kicks on. You get the idea. Outside surveillance cameras? ELAN lets you control your cameras and recorded video without needing to load up a separate app. Video Doorbell? Of course. And ELAN manages the doorbell camera like a video camera on the network, while letting you answer the door from anywhere with an Internet connection. Connected and easy.

Trust a professional.
A Home automation system like ELAN is professionally installed. Your technology integrator can help you decide what’s important so that it’s personalized to you. Start with security? Start with entertainment? It’s up to you. And it easily scales as your needs change. For example, start with a simple media room and clean up those remotes. A year later, add some smart light switches. The possibilities are nearly endless… and always personalized.

To learn more about how you can get the ELAN Home Automation system for yourself, click here.