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The Best Package Locker for Residential Buildings

The Best Package Locker for Residential Buildings
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In the current era, trends to buy online in multi-story buildings are growing. A package locker is used to receive parcels on behalf of residents and manage last-mile deliveries to those tenants.

Homes are full of inbound packages. According to a recent survey, 84% of Americans buy online products. And that was before COVID-19. Big apartment buildings were already struggling to receive parcels on time at the desired destination before COVID, which is even worse after COVID.

What is a residential package locker?

A package locker is a solution designed for apartments with large package locker rooms. They provide a service for residents of the multi-tenant community to receive large packages that cannot be placed in the mailbox. Residents can conveniently collect the packages from the lockers.

Mailroom management lockers help residential communities optimize the entire package management process. Building management staff digitizes new parcels that arrive, manages mailroom inventory, and gets an electronic signature to approve the package delivery.

Package lockers allow delivery personnel to enter the package locker area or room of the building and unload new packages. It also allows residents to receive their packages on time.

How much does the package locker system cost?

Package locker companies do not advertise prices on their website. However, the cost of a package locker management system is estimated between $6,000 and $20,000, depending on the number of units in the building. There are also monthly service and support fees ranging from $1.50 to $6.00 per fund.

Seven lockers perfect for 2021 apartment and condo buildings

Package lockers for apartments are a new trend in multi-family homes, but few companies still offer package locker services.

1. Amazon Hub Apartment Locker

Summary: The Hub is a new product launched by Amazon that stores packages on arrival in the lockers of apartments in residential areas, allowing residents to pick up their packages at their convenience.

The hub accepts all packages, including deliveries from competing e-commerce distributors. There are two types of locker sizes that the building can choose from.

Price: N/A-However, according to Amazon, the locker service has a one-time initial cost and once installed, there is no ongoing subscription fee.

Amazon Locker
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2. LuxerOne

Summary: LuxerOne is a package locker organization that gives physical package lockers for commercial and private buildings, colleges, retail places, and coworking offices. LuxerOne’s goal is to accept all new packages upon arrival. This eliminates the need for building tenants to go to the post office or UPS / FedEx drop-off points to pick up packages delivered from the building.

Luxerone offers indoor and outdoor lockers, managed and locked package rooms, and refrigerated lockers. Its features include CCTV, overflow rooms, SaaS reporting and management dashboards, SMS and email notifications to tenants and residents, and multiple locker sizes for all types of buildings. They found seven different lockers of different sizes.

Price: $ 6,900 for an entry-level 14-compartment locker system, plus $ 1.50 per compartment for maintenance and technical support. Depending on the size of the package locker, the price of LuxerOne can reach over $ 20,000 for premium products.

3. DHL packstation

Summary: PackStation is a package locker system owned and operated by DHL. What started with a 24-hour, 24/7 self-service package locker delivery station across many places has evolved into a residential-centric package locker system for providing apartment buildings. 

Packstation also allows you to return or send prepaid packages directly from the building for free by depositing the packages in the locker room dropbox. Additional features include security monitoring, automated locker-resident interactions that allow tenants to scan barcodes to unlock lockers, and SMS and email notifications for residents. 

4. Concierge package

Summary: Package Concierge is an automated self-service package management system for retail, college, coworking spaces, commercial and multi-family homes. The company divides its services into two solutions. One is an on-site physical locker system for managing inbound and outbound packages, and the other is a software solution that pairs with lockers to help automate package management.

The Package Concierge offers three package locker solutions. All of these offer 12 different sizes and specifications.

Price: $ 20,000 for an entry-level 34-compartment storage system, plus a monthly service fee (less than $ 2 per unit), and a higher price for a larger locker system and additional compartments.

5. Spacesaver

Summary: SpaceSaver is a company that provides dozens of storage and shelf solutions across the industry, including electronic locker storage systems for residential use. This will allow packages to be delivered at any time, freeing building managers to fully focus on automated transfer package management and allowing residents to take advantage of tools to receive and send packages at their convenience.

Additional features include automated electronic package registration, email and SMS alerts to notify tenants of an incoming package and comprehensive package tracking for buildings and tenants.

6. Pending parcel

Summary: Package Hold is an intelligent package management solution from Quadient, a manufacturing and shipping solution company. They offer products specifically designed for multi-family, commercial, retail, and university buildings.

Parcel-pending physical lockers are available in various sizes designed for indoor and outdoor spaces, can be customized in color and packaging to suit the aesthetics of the property’s brand, and packaged at the convenience of the occupants. 

Price: $ 6,900 for an entry-level 13-compartment locker system, approximately $ 3 per unit covering maintenance and service flow; a one-time charge per resident to use the service is $ 15. You can add additional Purcell Rocker Towers to your card for $ 2,180 each. This equates to the average cost of a pending package locker system of $ 14,000.

7. Smiota

Summary: Smiota is a package locker company for businesses, retailers, universities, and homes. Smiota provides the building with smart physical lockers to manage the delivery and storage of packages, ensuring that residents can safely and reliably retrieve large packages at their convenience. The company also offers oversized and refrigerated laundry lockers.

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