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Secure Your Data, Your Family and Your Business Through this iPhone Tracker App

Our Smart devices have become more than our computers or communication devices; they are the holders of our most important data such as personal and business files, and our fondest memories in the form of pictures and videos. It would be saddening if they were to get lost and even worse if they were to be leaked out to some unknown person. The same thing goes for our family members, parents understand that kids need their smartphones and tablets to do their homework and to enhance their learning, but at the same time, they use it for other things such as games, texting, and chats. To keep an eye out for the negative implications of this technology more and more parents are using iPhone tracker app and other monitoring software such as xnspy to keep a check and to control the activities of their kids on their devices. Employers also realize the importance of monitoring and tracking in the competitive corporate environment; they install such apps on company phones and hand them over to their employees to use. It is a perk to keep them motivated, allow good management and to keep a check on productivity.

An example to show how they work


In order to explain how they would work in the scenarios mentioned above, we will take the Xnspy tracking and monitoring app as an example to explain the process; most commercially available monitoring and tracking apps work in a similar manner. The reason we chose this app is because it is small, discrete and offers good value for money and is compatible with the two most popular smart device OS – Android and iOS.  It also offers two packages giving freedom to pay according to functionality as there are apps that give extensive features at extravagant prices; people have to purchase the app at the given price regardless if they require the additional functionality or not. The app itself can be controlled via the online dashboard which is accessible from anywhere in the world, all you require is a web browser and a good Internet connection.


Xnspy can be installed on Android device regardless of it being rooted or non-rooted and on iOS devices regardless of jailbreak or no-jailbreak. For Android devices, physical access to the device is required for installation only once. To serve as an iPhone tracker app the installation for jailbreak version requires access to the device once for installation. To install on an iOS no-jailbreak device you just need the iCloud credentials of target device to get remote access.

Data Protection and Partial Back-up


As mentioned before monitoring and tracking apps are usually thought of as apps to monitor and track others, rarely do people realize that it is a great data protection tool, can serve as a partial backup and can serve as a self-management tool. The data protection tools are a failsafe – imagine you forget your phone at a friend’s place or maybe at work and you realize that after you have come home. Using the location tracking feature you can check whether it is where you left it, plus just to be sure you can set up an alert that if your phone leaves that area you get a notification right away. Next, you lock the phone remotely to make sure no one sees anything they are not supposed to – you have peace of mind. The other feature is the remote delete feature that can be used in the worst case scenario of theft, you can remotely delete all date from the phone ensuring that no stranger can look at your files or view your personal pics and videos.

The second thing after you lose your device is the fact that all your scheduled meetings, pictures, and videos have been lost, well not exactly, you see xnspy being monitoring app keeps a record of all your meeting schedules and pictures and videos. So you can see them through the online dashboard.

Protection for the Family

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The same tools with which you protected your data can be used to protect your family; plus if you have kids then this iPhone tracker app will make sure that you always know what your kids are doing with the iOS device you bought them. You can check their pictures, their chats, and their videos, so you can be sure that they are not doing anything inappropriate. Also, you can check for sensitive issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, talking to strangers, etc. You can monitor their browsing history and their saved bookmarks. You can see what apps your kids have installed and furthermore you can limit the device usage so that they don’t waste time or worse, get addicted to it.

Protecting Business Interests

If you are a business owner/employer XNSPY will help you manage your employees as well as allow you to keep a check on their productivity. The remote failsafe can come in handy at work as well, if your employee loses his company-given phone you can first track it and if it does seem that it is permanently lost you can delete all data to try and prevent leakage of any sensitive business information. You can check your employees’ calendar schedules to see when they are available and arrange a meeting accordingly.

Well, we hope that you will leave being more enlightened about how xnspy and similar apps can help you.