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The Rumpl Hippy Tree Puffy Blanket – Camping Essential

One of the most essential items when going on a camping trip is a good blanket – not only does it keep you warm at night but it is great for those fireside gatherings when it gets a little cool.  The new Rumpl Hippy Tree Puffy Blanket is the perfect camping blanket but can also be great for almost any occasion where you want something snuggly.

Who is Rumpl?

Rumpl is a San Francisco based company that produces Active Home wear items and your camping essentials.  The company has taken decades of proven technology that is used around the home and adapted these ideas to work in the outdoor products industry.  This means that materials are tested in harsh environments and are designed to remain comfortable and practical as well as being durable.

The company has a belief that the sleeping bag you use ten times a year and the blanket that you use every day both warrant the same attention to detail.  This makes for products that are top quality and very versatile, not simply designed for a single purpose.

The Hippy Tree Puffy Blanket

The latest edition to their range of high quality, useful blankets is the Hippy Tree Puffy Blanket.  The blanket is inspired by the original ‘surf and stone’ apparel company and uses their classic Hippy Tree Legend print.  This includes a custom woven nylon trim that is inspired by the patterns found in nature.

The blanket is made with 20D Ripstop Printed Polyester fabric at the front of the blanket and 20D Ripstop Nylon fabric on the back.  Both materials are treated with the DWR treatment to ensure they are water resistant, meaning you can use them outside as well as inside the tent.

The blanket is filled with 3D hollow fiber synthetic insulation which is very effective at retaining your body heat while remaining lightweight. It also helps to avoid problems with allergies that come from fillings such as down.

Available in Throw size, the blanket is 50 x 70 inches in size but weighs only 2.1lbs.  The synthetic filling means that it can be packed down to a much smaller size to keep those camping bags as small as possible.

Perfect any time

While the blanket is made for outdoor purposes such as camping, it is so versatile that it can be used indoors just as easily.  If you feel the chill in winter or simply like to snuggle up while watching the TV, the Rumpl Hippy Tree Puffy Blanket is the perfect solution at any time.